This Is How to Find an Orthodontist for Your Child


Getting braces is a huge milestone in your child’s life. Braces are important for not only your child’s teeth but also for their overall health and well-being.

If you are wondering how to find an orthodontist and what you should look out for, we got you covered!

Keep reading for our list of things you should consider when finding an orthodontist for your child.

Make Sure Your Orthodontist Is Licensed

When finding an orthodontist for your child, always choose one that is licensed and certified. After completing their bachelor’s degree and four years of dental school, orthodontists are required to complete an additional three years of specialized orthodontic training.

An orthodontist must apply for a dental license to practice dentistry in your state. This dentistry license is approved and given by the state’s board of licensing. 

Choosing an Orthodontist Who Is Good With Children

Not every orthodontist specializes in oral health for children. When looking for the best orthodontist for your child, it’s essential to choose one that is comfortable with children.

Experience with younger patients means your orthodontist knows how to deal with your child’s behavior and make your child feel comfortable. An orthodontist experienced in pediatric dentistry also means he or she is more patient and will know how to handle and comfort even the fussiest children.

Pay Attention to Reviews

When typing “orthodontist near me” in your search engine, be sure to pay close attention to the reviews. While happy customers often leave great reviews, unhappy customers won’t be afraid to share their experiences.

When choosing a local orthodontist, avoid a place at all costs if you see multiple people leaving negative reviews. Look everywhere you can, such as their website, Google reviews, or their Facebook page for reviews.

Be Sure Your Orthodontist Is Up to Date With Current Practices

Dental health care practices are changing and evolving rapidly. If you’re looking for the best orthodontist in your area, make sure the one you choose is knowledgeable on all procedures and updates.

An orthodontist that is a member of various professional associations is a great tell-tale sign they stay on top of the latest dental and orthodontic practices. Examples of these dental associations and organizations include:

  • American Board of Orthodontics
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • State dental associations

Be sure to take a look around their practice as well and make sure their equipment looks up to date. If it looks outdated and in need of an update, you’re better off choosing someone else.

How To Find an Orthodontist For Your Child

There are several things to know and consider if you need to find an orthodontist for your child. We hope our quick guide gave you some further insight!

Getting braces is a huge milestone in your child’s life. Not only are braces essential for your child’s teeth, but also their overall health and well-being.

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