Things to know before getting breast implant


Cosmetic plastic surgery has been on the rise for years, but breast enhancement is the most popular procedure. In 2017, 105,219 breast lifts and 300,378 breast augmentations were performed.

Most women have many crucial questions about breast implant and here are the things you will need to know before getting a breast implant.

What is breast implant?

Breast implants are performed to enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. It is done traditionally and primarily with implants.

There are many reasons why many women opt for this treatment. Some of them include when they have experienced a loss of breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss or when they have significant asymmetry. Some women just want to enhance their breast volume and shape and create balance with the rest of the body.

What are the available types of breast implants?

A breast implant is composed of a silicon shell with either saline or silicone gels.

The decision on what implant you need will depend on personal preference and aesthetic goals.

Apart from the material, implants come in various sizes and shapes. The most popular ones are round implants, which are generally chosen by women that prefer a substantial lift, fullness, and cleavage. In some cases, a tear-shaped implant gives a more natural fullness and projection to the breast.

How do types of implants differ from each other?

Saline implants comprise of silicone shells with sterile salt water. In case of saline implants leak, the saline is absorbed by the body. The leak can sometimes occur, but it isn’t common.

Silicone implants comprise of a special gel that creates a more natural feel and look to your breast as compared to the saline ones, especially in slimmer women.

Who can qualify as a candidate?

When it comes to saline implants, any healthy person who is 18 years or above can qualify for the surgery. For the case of silicone implants, the FDA regulations only allow patients 22 and over.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Fully informed with expectations
  • Nonsmokers
  • Not breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Living at a stable and healthy weight

What do I expect during the procedure?

A breast implant surgery is performed with either conscious sedation or general anesthesia. This means that a patient is either sedated or asleep for the procedure. However, this may vary depending on the patient or surgeon, so be sure to ask beforehand.

During surgery, a small incision is used to create a pocket that creates a room for the implant. When the implant is in place, the incisions are closed and bandaged. In general, the entire procedure lasts for about two hours or less. Patients can go home afterward.

What are the risks of the procedure?

In any surgery, there are potential risks that you need to be aware of, and this isn’t an exception. The potential risks in breast implant surgery include:

  • Infection
  • Asymmetry
  • Cosmetic dissatisfaction
  • Excessive scar tissue
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Implant leaks

Having a surgeon from Top Professional Services will ensure that you are well informed about this potential risks and you will be well-prepared in advance. This will help allay the concerns and minimize risks.

How do I prepare for the surgery?

Your doctor will give you some instructors, but in general:

  • Have someone accompany you to drive you home after the surgery
  • Dress warmly and comfortably
  • Limit alcohol and food intake the night before surgery
  • No smoking for a specified amount of time prior to the surgery

How to pick the right plastic surgeon

When it comes to choosing the right surgeon, you should consider these questions:

  • Is the facility certified?
  • What measures are in place for safe surgery?
  • Will sedation be used?
  • Who will he during surgery?
  • Is the practice clear about fees and costs?
  • Does the surgeon have hospital privileges?
  • Does the staff professionally and promptly respond to questions?
  • Is the surgeon up-front about expectations and risks?
  • Does the staff make you feel comfortable?
  • Is the surgeon’s cosmetic style in line with my goals?
  • How much experience does the surgeon have with breast implant surgery?
  • Is the surgeon certified by a plastic surgery governing body?

What questions should be asked about the surgery?

After choosing a surgeon, patients need to ask questions like:

  • What is the estimated recovery time?
  • Will I need assistance at home after the surgery?
  • Are revisions possible?
  • What is the cost of revision?
  • Will there be scaring?
  • What are the expectations during each step of the procedure?
  • How long will the surgery last?
  • What should I expect the implants to look like with time?
  • Is there any risk for future mammograms and breastfeeding?
  • Why are you recommending this style and size of a breast for me?
  • What are the real results?

How long does recovery take?

Recovery time varies from one patient to another since each person’s recovery varies. On average, a full recovery may range from four weeks to six weeks. Most patients will feel improved with a week of surgery. However, doctors recommend sticking to light activity and avoiding strenuous exercise until a patient is completely healed.

Is Will scaring occur?

Any skin incision is permanent and will usually leave some scars, but they can heal very well, which can’t be easily seen with time. Most surgeons leave minimal scaring in places like underneath the breast, but patients should first ask about the placement and size of scars before surgery.

What are the expected results?

It’s crucial that you go into the surgery with realistic expectations. This breast enhancement procedure can:

  • Create a balanced hip-to-breast ratio
  • Increase the size, shape, and projection of the breast
  • Improve volume loss or asymmetry
  • Improve breast fullness

Breast implants have some limitations, and if sagging and severe drooping occur, many women will require a supplementary breast lift. It is normal and can be easily performed alongside augmentation.

Life after breast implant

The results of breast implant surgery are long-lasting. Breast implants can last up to 10 years. This number isn’t constant and can vary depending on the patient, size, shape and type and other factors.

Patients have seen this procedure as an amazing confidence booster, especially when patients are ideal candidates and have reasonable expectations for what breast implants can achieve. Performing your due diligence and asking the right questions before a procedure can assist a lot in offering a great experience and ultimately achieve your aesthetic goals.

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It’s a good thing you pointed out that Saline implants could leak, but does not harm the body. A friend of mine had her breast augmented last year, and she experienced a rupture. Thanks for sharing such helpful information comparing both types of implants.

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4 years ago

I liked that you said that one thing to consider when looking into getting breast augmentations is to discuss the process with your medical professional to receive a better understanding of what you can expect to take place. I would imagine that learning more about the procedure would help prepare you for the recovery process. I would be sure to ha

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I like that you mention ladies that are 100% qualified for breast augmentation are not breastfeeding or pregnant. My wife wants natural breast augmentation. Thank you for the information. I’ll help her contact a Cosmetic Procedure clinic so she can get her implants.