The Ultimate Family Beach Guide: 5 Sanity-Saving Tips


The summer is known for its beach perfect weather, the sun, heat, and clear skies. This is a period families go on beach trips to enjoy the experience and foster stronger family bonds.

The kids love going to the beach, you can tell from the smile on their faces when they hear they’re going to the beach. 

Now, going on that beach trip with the family can be exhausting especially when you have toddlers. To keep you and your family safe during your beach vacation, you need to practice some safety tips that’ll guide you and your family.

1. Choose a Suitable Beach

The first thing you should do when preparing for a beach trip with your family is to choose a suitable beach for your vacation. There are usually several beaches in a city to choose from. You may even decide to travel out of your city to beaches in other cities.

Choose family-oriented beaches with less heavy tides and more play areas. These types of beaches are less dangerous for kids.

Choosing a less crowded beach will also ensure more safety for your kids and reduce the chance of any of your kids getting lost in the crowd.

2. Pack Right

What to pack is another challenge you’ll have to overcome when going on family beach trips, but not to worry; here are a couple of things to put in your bag:

  • Sunscreen: this is something you don’t want to forget. It is as important as any other thing you’ll take on this trip. Sunscreen protects your skin from sunburns
  • Two pairs of beach clothes: depending on how many days you’ll have to visit the beach, you want to pack at least two pairs of beach clothes per day for each person. This will allow you to change clothes when wet
  • Towels: pack a towel for every member of the family
  • Beach tents: you should invest in a beach tent for kids where your kids can relax away from the scorching sun after playing in the water.
  • Floatation equipment: if your kids are quite young and are not avid swimmers yet, you will want to get some floatation device for them to keep them from drowning. These can be life jackets or puddle jumpers
  • Camera: you need a camera to capture all the beautiful moments you’re going to have on the beach. A water-resistant camera is ideal, you can also make use of your phone if it is water-resistant
  • Water: to stay hydrated is important, you may also need some ice packs to keep the water cool 
  • Food: you don’t want to forget your coolers of food. Get enough food for lunch beside the beach

3. Avoid the Beach at Midday

If you can, you should avoid going to the beach at midday when the sun is highest and chances of sunburn are greatly increased. 

Visiting the beach early or later in the day when the sun is setting would provide a more comfortable environment for your family.

4. Choose the Perfect Spot

Well, perfect is relative, you need to go early so you can get a good enough spot at the beach before it gets crowded. You should check the tide before choosing a spot at the beach.

If the tide is coming in, you need to sit further back away from the water. When the tide is going out, you can afford to sit close to the water. Watching the tide marks on the ground will give you an idea of where the water will reach.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Kids at All Times

Kids love to play and have fun wherever they are and the beach provides them with a suitable environment to do just that. Nevertheless, you need to keep a watchful eye on them at all times.

Knowing what they’re doing and where they are playing will ensure they are at a safe location and not in any danger. If possible, have them play around where you are so they don’t get lost especially if the beach is a little crowded at that time.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

The aim of a family beach trip is to have fun so don’t let the stress of planning the trip and watching your kids on the beach stop you from enjoying every bit of it.

Play family games with your kids. Games like building sand castles, picking seashells and pebbles, looking for dolphins challenge, among others can be fun to play with your kids.

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