The top Food Delivery Apps of 2020


Over the past couple of years, food delivery apps have made dining very easy for most people. People can still dine from their favorite restaurant or fast-food thanks to this unique technological innovation. This has led to significant growth of the industry, now that customers can order from where they are, as opposed to physically buying from the select eateries. That said, a lot of entrepreneurs have joined the bandwagon to create amazing food delivery apps which have made the whole process a lot easier. To that end, the following are the top food delivery apps of 2020.


There is no doubt that DoorDash tops the list of the top food delivery apps in 2020. It is not just your average food delivery app, it has 310,000 restaurants, 80% of which are located in the US while the other 20% are located in 4,000 cities around the globe. They offer delivery services for all three meals of the day from different restaurants. In addition, you can order alcoholic beverage drinks from breweries, restaurants, and stores from the DoorDash app. 


While Postmates, like many food delivery apps, delivers from different restaurants, it also has an option that allows you to order medicine, kitchen staples, and party supplies. This makes it unique, with over 500,000 restaurants and operating 4,200 cities in the US alone. What’s more, when ordering your meal from Postmates, you can use filters like the type of cuisine, recommended, popular, and fastest to find what you need or to try out something new. One of the advantages of using the Postmates app to order food is that its services are 24/7. However, this only applies to restaurants that open till late or for 24 hours. Also, you can check Postmates app deals for promo codes and an extensive user guide.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is undeniably a household name when it comes to food delivery apps worldwide. It is popular for fast delivery and operates in more than 500 cities around the world with over 320,000 restaurants. This app also allows you to track your driver’s progress and estimate the arrival of your order. While there is a separate app for Uber Eats, you can still be able to order from your Uber app, although this is not available in all the cities.


Whether you want your food delivery to be done immediately or up to four days later, GrubHub is the app you need. It offers food delivery services to over 1,100 cities and has more than 50,000 restaurants. Once you select the cuisine you want, you will be able to choose your meal from the wide selection of restaurant menus provided on the app. A perk of ordering through GrubHub is that the delivery fee is standard and affordable when compared to some apps since it is set by the restaurant.


With Seamless, you can order different take out from your favorite local restaurants in just a few steps and better yet, possibly get discounts and deals when making your order. Whether you want to search for unique cuisine or you want to go with the popular food options on their homepage, there is something for everyone. The Seamless food delivery app is one that cares for its customers. It has, in the past added both Paypal and cash payment after customers complained about their payment policy. It is also kept updated constantly with customer feedback. 


While most food delivery apps solely offer deliveries for cooked meals from different restaurants, Instacart is different. It provides delivery services for groceries and also snacks. And while at it, it has been branded a dependable grocery delivery service. To make your order, you enter your zip code to find local restaurants they have collaborated with. An advantage of using Instacart to shop for groceries is that it allows you to choose your own delivery time.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days where you had to go to your favorite restaurant for your favorite meal. Now, you can devour the meal of your choice from the comfort of your home after making a simple order from your phone. So whether you are looking for consistency, great delivery deals, easy payment, fast delivery, or if you are looking for more than just food, you will find the perfect delivery app from the above list. The good thing is, even with the imposed curfews due to the pandemic, most food delivery apps can still process orders past the curfew hours.

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