The Top 3 People You Should Alert When You Move


When you move, you should remember to notify various people and institutions of your change of address because they will need your address change information so that they can reach you.

Here are the top 3 people you should alert when you move.

Government agencies

When you move, there are various government agencies that you should alert including the postal services, social security, the internal revenue service, electoral register and the department of motor vehicles (DVM).

The first thing you should do before you move is to alert the United States postal services to obtain a change of address so you can continue receiving correspondence in your new place. For a temporary move, you can have your mail forwarded to you at your new residence. For a permanent move, you can have a change of address.

To change your address, you need to visit the local post office and fill out the form for request of change of address. Alternatively, you can fill the change of address forms online by going to the official USPS website. Similarly, you can use third parties who can help you to request a change of address with the USPS and then update the address change info with other institutions such as DVM and IRS, albeit at a cost.

You should also alert the social services, the IRS, the electoral register and other government agencies of your move to change the address. You can update the services of most of these agencies online or by filling a form and sending it by mail.

If you are moving to a different state, you are required to update the registration of your vehicle, transfer your driver’s license and ensure it has the current address. To do that, you are required to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles as early as you can and fill the necessary paperwork to indicate the new address.

Utility providers

Your utility providers need to know when you are moving so that they can disconnect the services in your old home or cease to provide the service. Others may need to know your new address so they can send correspondence there. These are the service providers of water, internet, gas, waste collection, electricity, telephone and other services you may have needed.

By notifying service providers, you will prevent service lapses and will ensure your bills will reach you.

You should also notify the service providers at your new address so you can continue enjoying the service. You don’t want to stay in darkness when you move in simply because you did not notify your power provider.

Bank and credit card companies

It is essential that you update the bank and credit card companies on your change of address. When you move, alert the bank and credit card companies so that you can update your address information on the bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement funds and credit cards.

Alerting the bank and credit card companies will ensure that you receive your bank and credit card statements at your new address.

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