The Right Food Delivery Service Can Be a Godsend for Moms


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As readers of the blog know all too well, the role of Mom isn’t a “role” at all. Rather, it’s about 100 roles all rolled into one! You are the nurse, the storyteller, the entertainer, the teacher, and – alongside your spouse – the chef and cleaner as well. 

Until scientists can figure out how to add extra hours to the day, you have to look for ways to be economical with your time. You deserve rest, self-care and “me time,” just like your child does. Occasionally, that means surrendering a few of those roles to the experts. 

The same way you occasionally allow a book or Paw Patrol episode to entertain your kid, it’s also good to surrender the task of making dinner to a delivery service from time to time. Not just any food delivery service, though – the right food delivery service. 

Delivery Gives You and Your Partner the Night Off

In general terms, food delivery is a godsend for parents. It gives you and your partner the night off from cooking and dish-cleaning. Parental burnout is a real and common phenomenon that can impact your wellbeing, so shifting responsibility elsewhere sometimes can be a wise investment in your overall mental health. 

Picking the right food delivery service for the job means finding one that maximizes convenience and minimizes the cost impact. 

Fast Delivery Times Are the Difference Between Hungry and Tantrum

When choosing how to get food and snacks delivered to your home, prioritize speed. As parents know, you have a short window of opportunity between when your kid gets hungry and when they get “full-tantrum hangry.” 

Choosing a delivery service that offers 30-minutes or less on prepared meal delivery (or about 10-minutes or less for pre-packaged snacks) lets you feed your kid when they start getting hungry. Try the link above for an example of a fast delivery service. 

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Free Delivery Helps You Stay on Budget

If possible, find fee-free delivery. Most services make you pay for the convenience of food delivery, but some – again, check out the link above – offer fee-free delivery. 

Finding fee-less delivery options allows you to cut needless expenses from your monthly food budget while still giving yourself the night off occasionally. 

Fee-Free Delivery Also Lets You Please Everyone

Another fantastic thing about fee-free delivery is that it doesn’t limit you to one restaurant or menu. Because you aren’t paying fees for each separate delivery, you can order from multiple menus, satisfying everyone. As the CDC points out, it’s good to give picky eaters a choice to get them eating. 

If the parents want Japanese food, but the kid wants a hamburger and fries, you can simply order from two different restaurants without incurring separate over-the-top costs. It’s a picky-eater-approved way to enjoy a weeknight meal! 

In summary, find a delivery service that offers fast, fee-less meals from several kid- and adult-friendly restaurants. The right delivery service can be a godsend, giving you time to relax and enjoy dinner time without worrying about prep, cleanup, money or fussy eating.

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