The Popularity of Adult Lifestyle Communities


Private communities designed for older adults who are nearing retirement are often called adult lifestyle communities. These developments, geared for adults who are 55+ and nearing retirement age, are often marketed toward empty-nesters and adults looking for a calm, quiet neighborhood.

These types of developments are popular because all of your neighbors are at the same stage of life as you, they’re the same age, and they often share the same interests. If you’re nearing retirement age, or you’re an empty nester, there are a number of advantages to living in an adult lifestyle community.

Settling into Your Dream Home

When the kids have moved out, and you’re getting closer to retirement, you have a lot of choices where you can live, especially since there are fewer things weighing on your decision-making process. You no longer need bedrooms for kids; space is no longer as much of a concern; you no longer need to live near a city because commuting is no longer a consideration.

As you get older, it also makes sense to look into age-friendly homes without massive flights of stairs between every floor. If you enjoy having a degree of control over where you live, custom home builders can help you make your dream a reality because they can help you tailor your new home with features that fit the lifestyle you want for yourself.

Choosing the Right Area

Lifestyle is defined by the area you live in. Adult lifestyle communities are driven by amenities and available activities, such as hiking, golfing, arts and culture, and other considerations. For those who have spent most of their lives living in a large, dense city, settling down in a small town where the pace is calmer is likely a tantalizing prospect.

Areas such as the Niagara Peninsula are a great choice thanks to their vineyards, parks, hiking trails, and spectacular views. If you love getting out and taking in your surroundings, a place like this is perfect for an afternoon walk, where you may end up swimming in the river, hiking a terrific trail, or enjoying a shaded patio with a glass of wine in hand

When to Buy

You don’t necessarily need to wait until you retire to buy your retirement home. With COVID-19, many are already working from home and can accommodate a move even before they finish the final years of their career. 

It’s also a lot easier for many people to buy their retirement home before they actually retire. This allows you to get a feel for your new household and lifestyle expenses before you stop working. It also allows you to qualify for a mortgage while you’re still working and earning an income. You also have more money at your disposal to invest in upgrading and customizing your home.

It’s easier than ever to move into your dream home in an active community lifestyle, especially when office flexibility is on the rise, and custom homebuilders can help expedite the process.

If your kids are out of the house and you’re looking to move to a small town to enjoy a quieter, calmer way of life, there has never been a better time than now to consider an adult lifestyle community.

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