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As beautiful as it is to nurse a baby, some women prefer to do so privately but with the ability to watch their baby eat.  The Original Boppy Nursing Cover provides just that. The adjustable neck strap is very sturdy which allows a sort of “window” at the top. With a built in slide ring, you can track which side you fed from last.


Choose from several lightweight stylish designs that conveniently fold up into a mini pouch, making it perfect for nursing comfortably and discreetly on the go. With The Boppy Cover you can say goodbye to nasty bathroom stalls and changing rooms! 


This Custom fit Total Body Pillow is a newly designed Boppy. The Total Body Pillow was developed with the assistance of physical therapists to provide customized support throughout your pregnancy. The actual pillow is a flexible three-piece design that allows you to create a support combination that works best for you! The newly designed Boppy allows you to adjust Head/Neck support, Belly/Back support, and Hip/Leg/Ankle support.


While designing the Boppy Total Body Pillow, physical therapists kept in mind the importance of peaceful sleep during a pregnancy, allowing mommy and baby to be happy and healthy. When stretched out, the Bobby Total Body Pillow is roughly 7 foot in length allowing for pretty much all body sizes to utilize the comfort of the pillow. In addition, with that added length, you won’t have to worry about having enough room to stretch your legs out, still keeping the pillow between your feet. For convenience, the newly designed Total Body Pillow weighs only 3.9 pounds making it easy to transfer from the bed, to the couch, or to the floor and is made from a durable, machine washable material.

I say why does comfort have to stop at 40 week?


Boppy says, “Unique Head-to-Toe Design for 40 weeks of comfort.” I say why does comfort have to stop at 40 weeks? Over the years, I have had numerous back surgeries and suffer from chronic pain. My husband gets frustrated with the six king-size pillows I sleep with, trying to get the perfect support. No frustration anymore! The Total Body Pillow provides me with the exact support, alleviating the strain on my back and hips! Thanks to the Total Body Pillow, I now get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Product Details


The newly designed Total Body Pillow comes in three separate but attachable pieces allowing you to create that perfect comfort level. Combining all three pieces creates one large pillow for full body support. Velcro attaches the three Boppy pillows to one another, ensuring the pillows stay together throughout the night. To target a specific region of the body, separate the pillows and use what makes you comfortable.


This is where the Total Body Pillow assists me with back injuries, as it does a mom-to-be. Often back injuries weaken core muscles, as does pregnancy, making trunk control an issue. Side sleeping is highly recommended for women during pregnancy however, difficult due to balance issues. The back and belly pillow provides targeted support to these areas, making it much easier to side sleep.

Leg Pillow & Hip Strain

Throughout pregnancy, pelvic bones are shifting and endure added pressure. The Total Body Pillow’s full leg cushion provides support for your knees all the way down to your ankles. This support is essential for elevating pressure and strain on your hips.

Don’t forget baby’s comfort! In addition to the Total Body Pillow, check out the original Boppy Slipcovered Feeding and Infant Support Pillow!



For over 25 years, Boppy has been developing and providing mom and baby with superb support. The Feeding and Infant Support Pillow is designed to grow with baby from 0-12 months. This support pillow is available in numerous colors and patterns, appealing to both mom and baby. The Feeding and Infant Support pillow I received is light green with pods of sweat peas.

I enjoy this sweat pea pattern, as it is acceptable for a little boy or girl. Each Slipcover is durable and machine washable to handle spit up and other messes from baby. The Feeding and Infant Support Pillow works great for mom or dad in regards to feeding. The pillow places the baby in an ergonomically correct position for feeding whether you are breast-feeding or using a bottle. This is the time to just sit and enjoy being with baby!

bb10By 2 months, baby enjoys lounging and taking in the scene. Using the Feeding and Infant Support Pillow allows baby to relax while comfortably being supported from head to toe. By 4 months, tummy time is highly recommended. Placing baby on their belly, allows for baby to develop muscles by kicking and head lifting. After those muscles have developed baby tends to want to sit up, not wasting time lying around anymore. By 6 months baby wants to observe the world! Baby is still wobbly and benefits from the support The Feeding and Infant Support Pillow provides.


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