The important features and uses of sanitary products – A brief guide


Managing those period days is difficult for women who suffer from cramps and pain during menstruation. However, for bleeding, there are quite a few products to manage the affair. It is imperative to know about the different kinds of sanitary products that are being manufactured so that the correct choice can be made.

The different varieties of products which are being manufactured for sanitary purposes

Bleeding during periods is a matter of concern because bloodborne germs can cause infections hence, it is very important to use only hygienic products for absorbing the discharge that comes out from the cervix. Cleanliness is very important during these days and if sanitary napkins or tampons are being used then changing them quite a few times during the day is important because it has been observed that the soaked blood in tampons and pads when left in contact with the body for too long can give rise to bacteria. Sanitary napkins are worn inside the underwear while tampons are inserted inside the vagina both products use the quality of absorbency for tackling the discharge.

However, there is another product which is gaining a lot of precedence over other sanitary products present for managing the periods of women. This is known as menstrual cups. If one is looking for menstrual cups then browsing through DaisyCup is a good idea. A menstrual cup is also inserted inside the vagina like a tampon, but a tampon is a form of an absorbent wad of cotton while a cup as the name suggests is a silicone cup that directly collects the endometrial blood from the cervix. The cup is safe to use for long durations, and a person can find a fitting cup because there are many sizes. Daisy Cup is quite easy to use, and the whole structure is soft yet forms a strong seal when inserted inside the vagina.

The sanitary practices ought to be maintained for reducing infections

During periods it is all the more necessary to maintain sanitary practices so that infections and adverse effects can be reduced. A few things which should be kept in mind during periods include the following:

  • The fingernails and hands should be clean while handling any kind of sanitary products and especially during insertion of cups or tampons inside the vagina. In many cases, the germs from one’s fingers or hands can get transferred to the cup or tampon. This will make an ideal breeding ground for infections as it will remain inside the body for quite long.
  • The cup should never be used without boiling it for the first time or when the period starts.
  • During reinsertion, one can use non-antibacterial soap for cleaning the cup and if soap is not available then washing it with water and wiping it with toilet paper can be done.

Hence, one should be aware of using sanitary products correctly and also needs to be careful about maintaining a sterile and hygienic approach while using sanitary products.

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