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Pets and particularly dogs, are an essential part of your everyday life. You feed them, take them out on walks and if you like taking long drives, you might have taken them out in the car a few times. Like you, the one thing that lingers every time you have your dog in the back of the vehicle hanging his head out and having the time of his life is their safety.

Owning a pet is more like being a parent. You can’t help but worry. Having a dog seat in your car can go a long way in calming your nerves and ensuring that your dog is safer when he is riding with you in the car.

Unfortunately, most people don’t appreciate the importance of having this vital seat which is why we thought we should share a few reasons that will help you understand just how important having a dog car seat can be.

Dogs are a danger to themselves when in the car

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There’s a unique connection between cars and dogs. Cars can either make dogs enthusiastic or anxious. No matter how your dog reacts, the extra adrenaline causes the dog to behave aggressively and slightly more excited. It might stick its head outside open windows or lunge at objects or other dogs.

While the pet might consider this as fun, it can be potentially harmful. By hanging the dog outside the window, there’s a higher chance the dog might be hit and get injured by external debris.

In case of a sudden stop, the dog becomes a dangerous projectile

As you’re driving around, you and your lovely furry friend are traveling at the same speed as the car. In case you have to make a sudden stop, your dog can be thrown around at a force up to 77 times its own body weight.

It doesn’t have to be a severe accident, but an emergency stop can leave your dog reeling in pain, requiring a visit to the veterinary or, worse yet, death.

With so much force flying around the car freely, it also increases your chances of getting seriously injured.

A simple dog car seat can prevent this from happening by ensuring the dog is safe and secure in emergency or accident cases.

A dog Car seat is safer

There are other methods of keeping your pet secure when traveling. Some of the most commonly used alternatives are a collar zip together with a dog collar. While such an approach will keep the dog grounded when you’re driving, it presents a danger to the dog’s wellbeing when you make sudden stops or maneuvers.

A zip line focuses a lot of force around the dog’s neck which can cause serious injury or death depending on the amount of force applied.

A car seat for your dog is more comfortable and safer. It dramatically increases the chances of your dog surviving a crash or an accident.

Without a Dog Car Seat, You’re more Distracted!


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A dog car seat is not only critical for the wellbeing of your dog, but you as well. Like other animals, dogs are unpredictable. As well trained as the pet might be, and no matter how excruciatingly careful you consider each aspect of your trip, it’s impossible to predict everything and much less how your dog will react to different things.

Some of the dog-as-passenger distractions include:

  • Constant attempts to escape the car
  • Smashing at the window out of fun or when lunging at other dogs and moving objects outside the car
  • Moving restlessly in the car
  • Obstructing clear view of some of the mirrors especially with the larger dogs
  • Playfulness and need for attention that might cause you to take your eyes off the road
  • Wandering on your lap as you drive
  • A loose dog can mess with the controls, among them the steering wheel, gear lever, gas and brake pedals.

While driving with your dog can be a fun experience for both you and the dog, it can also be potentially hazardous. It requires that you serve two masters at the same time. When it comes to driving, you need to have all your attention on the road. One second of distraction can lead to catastrophe and with your dog in the cabin, you can expect a lot of distraction.

A dog car seat will help to limit the movements of the dog inside the car and also ensure you don’t jolt in a panic every time you hear your dog bark thinking it will jump out the window. The car seat safely and securely restrains the dog making the cabin where both of you can co-exist safely and enjoy the ride.

You Could Land in Legal Trouble

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A car seat for your dog is not only a safety feature, but in some countries, it’s also a legal requirement. Not having the proper safety equipment for your dog or other pets will not only lead to a hefty fine but can also invalidate your insurance.

Having your pet running loose in the cabin, as mentioned earlier, reduces focus and increases your chances of crashing. It’s easy to see why an insurance company might not honor a claim if you have an accident with a pet in the car without any safety restraints.


Taking time to find a good quality and reliable dog car seat might prove beneficial not only to you but also to your dog. After all, this simple gadget could be the difference between life and death for you and your beloved pet.

Choosing the right car seat for your pet is equally important. When picking the car seat, you should consider the size and type of dog, the quality of the seat and how it attaches to the restraint on the car.  This ensures a safer and more relaxed ride for you and your pet.

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