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If it’s time for a well-earned getaway, or you travel extensively, apps on your smartphone can save time, hassle, and worry. Who needs more headaches? Plus, bringing these apps along on your trip won’t waste any precious packing space. Use them to your advantage while maximizing fun and making memorable experiences. Here are some travel applications that will be your best traveling companions, whether you’re traveling with friends, family, dogs, or going solo.

Google Maps

This one is pretty obvious, and most likely came pre-installed on your device. The web mapping service helps phenomenally with navigation in unfamiliar places. It provides distances to, from, and between locations, with estimated arrival times. It makes route planning so much easier as you can foresee current traffic conditions, as well as plan trips by foot, bike, car, or air. Many people don’t realize it can also be utilized offline by simply setting your destination while online and allowing the trip to download. In addition, the satellite and street view features can give you a good preview of your stops and help scope out parking, etc.


One of the most well-known applications for finding places to see,
things to do, and memories to make is Expedia. It’s also a great one-stop shop for finding cheap flights and deals on lodging – even at the last minute. They also offer a rewards program where users earn redeemable points for flights, services, etc. The company states, “What’s great about Expedia Rewards vs. most loyalty programs is that you can earn and redeem points in the same program for both flights and hotels.”


This app makes finding local businesses — based on users’ reviews — easy peasy. There are Yelp communities in most American cities, and many other popular destinations around the world. Finding the “it” places and seeing what others think and experience is good to know ahead of time. Dinner? You’re covered! Shopping is made simple as well. Need a doctor? No sweat! Yelp has your back.

XC Currency & Google Translate

For international travel, these must-have apps go together. Converting live currency and foreign exchange rates is quick and right at your fingertips. Google Translate is handy for getting past language barriers.
As it says, “It instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.” It also offers the option of translating images, such as menus and signs.

Here’s an amazing time-saver! Car2Go enables travelers to pick up a car at a specified location on demand, sans a rental office. No reservations are needed. It’s like Uber, but you have your own car to get around town.

There are many beneficial apps available today. Those above give a good starting point and cover the basics. Keeping track of spending when traveling is important, too, making an honorable mention app such as Expensify immensely helpful. Its straightforward approach allows you to track receipts and manage your funds, giving peace of mind for safe and happy travels.

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