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Buying furniture for your conservatory is now easier than ever before with Homelife’s secure and easy to use site.

Modern and contemporary.

If you can’t ever decide what furniture would look best in your conservatory or garden, fear not! Homelife direct allows anyone,to easily browse a whole range of modern and contemporary designs and choose the items which would beautifully incorporate into your home. There is such a wide range of styles that it easy to either fit in with a theme you currently have or be bold and completely change the whole look of a room with their gorgeous furniture.

Every room is covered.

I had no plans to fully re-furnish my conservatory, but now, I’ve gotta admit I am. My home and Garden are extensively and tastefully catered for and its all done through their easy to navigate website. No more salesmen! Jut click on one of the headings and the pull-down gives all of their products for that subject. Since finding this site, my conservatory furniture looks so old.

Suite sets do the hard work for you.

I love that if I find a sofa I like I can look it up on the suite sets and the site recommends other furniture that matches, cos lets face it we aren’t as good as matching furniture as we all like to think we are! I can finally have a conservatory set to match each other as well as me.

All in the detail.

Each item also has a detailed description and suggests how it is suited. If you plan to entertain this is a must, especially if your in-laws or boss are coming for dinner.


If the suns out, and your guests want to go outdoors you will actually be proud of your garden with Homelife’s fabulous range of garden furniture. I just wish it mowed the grass! Everything from barbecues and parasols are available and cos they know British Summers they also have covers for all your fancy new pieces in-case the rain comes to visit your garden too.

Children’s furniture.

I’ve never seen any real furniture aimed at children! Now my kids can have their own armchairs with footstools!


Not only does the site show what amazing savings they are giving you but there is a clearance section to pick up even more savings on your furniture and they give free postage! If I buy a DVD I don’t usually get free postage let alone furniture! All the payment is also done securely through sage pay . After all this I need a sit down,, now I’ve just got to decide which seat to choose!


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It is the trending furniture for office as well as home decors.Good at savings. Useful site for my own needs on decors.


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