The Best Ways to Plan an Awesome Summer Bonfire


Summertime is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. It is the moment to celebrate different events. It is also a time where you can plan a bonfire party for your loved ones. It is here you light fire, gather people, and enjoy a great time. But, for your summer bonfire party to be memorable, there are certain things to keep in mind first. Here are specials ways to plan an incredible summer bonfire party.

  1. Choose the right theme

A theme party is where you choose special things that make the event unique. It could be special colors, dress codes, or cultural activities. Some of the themes to consider may include an outdoor movie, a tiki bar, campfire meals, game night, or even a patriotic. Whatever theme you decide, it is good to let the guest know in advance. Keep in mind that you want everyone to feel like part of the party.

  1. Choose what to drink

At most bonfire parties, people want to enjoy the best with their drinks. Since this is a night party, it is nice to think of the drinks people will love. You may consider beer or spirits for the guests. Another great option can be the wines. It is correct to opt for can wines for the drinks. They are easy to drink and hold. Here, be sure to think of varieties of wines to suit your guest’s tastes. You can pick a rosé or a white wine. For the best deals on wines, it is smart to buy from one store such as

  1. Start a fire pit

The main idea of having your party is to enjoy a bonfire. It is sensible to start with a fire pit. Here, it would be best if you chose to put your bonfire where everyone can walk to it easily. You should also think of the kind of fire to light. When picking the bonfire location, make sure it is safe for everyone or your belongings. It is also good to know all the local laws about a bonfire. The guidelines are to help everyone keep safe.

  1. Prepare the space

You and the guests want to have as much comfort as possible. You can enjoy this by preparing the grounds in advance. It is here you must know the seating arrangements of the expected guests. Thus, make sure to invest in some stools, benches, and lawn chairs. You can as well put some blankets in the basket for later use. Make sure they are enough to fit your guests. You may also need to decorate the area with some lighting features. Great decorations give a positive mood for the party and the outdoor space.

  1. Choose what to eat

Meals are also part of a good bonfire during the summertime. It is during this time that people like to experience something new. Thus, it is your time to try out some delicious meals for the family and friends. With the meals, you can offer some salsas, meat, and even bake some surprises. It is likewise excellent to make some snacks as you enjoy the outdoor event. The best snacks for the bonfire are marshmallows, crackers, chocolate bars to make s’mores, and popcorn. If the guests like to prepare meals, it is alright to let them do this. It can make your work easy and give you time to interact with the guests.

  1. Pick bonfire games

A bonfire party cannot be complete without some exciting games. When thinking of the games, it is smart to note your guest’s age and preferences first. It is because not all the games are appropriate for everyone. It can be boring to start a game with no one to take part in it. Be ready to bring or buy all the necessary game accessories people might need. Finally, you may have to ask your guests for game suggestions. Some of the games to think of include kick the can, truth or dare, telephone, and hide and seek. These can be excellent games when everyone is in the right mood.

Summer can be fun once you choose the right thing to do. Having a bonfire can make your summer holiday more exciting. When having a birthday, anniversary, or special event, it is fitting to consider planning a bonfire.

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Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan
1 year ago

Great tips, thanks for sharing as always. I think you can do almost anything in the summer, hiking, hiking, surfing or windsurfing. The latter I became very keen on, I even think to buy my equipment on the site so as not to rent it anymore