The Best Testosterone Boosting Foods


When most people hear about testosterone, what comes into mind is the male sex hormone. But you should know that testosterone is at the very foundation of every man’s existence, and its importance is not limited to one’s sex drive alone. The hormone is responsible for almost every aspect of a man’s health, including but not limited to the heart, penile size, the strength of the bones and the muscles among others.

Therefore, it is important to view testosterone from a different perspective, and not just think that it is the Holy Grail for better sexual performance. With that said, here is a look at some of the foods worth considering if you are keen on upping your levels of this crucial hormone-:


Tuna is a heart-healthy, protein-loaded food that is at the core of the Mediterranean diet because it is believed to prolong life. With regards to helping boost the production of testosterone, tuna is a great source of vitamin D – one of the vital vitamins necessary for the production of the hormone. Whether you take it fresh or canned, you are sure to increase your intake of vitamin D, which will, in turn, go a long way in ensuring that you have good levels of testosterone. If you are not a fan of this fish or you can’t have access to it, consider replacing it with another fish type that is rich in vitamin D. Fish such as salmon or sardines would be a very great replacement.


If you to increase the levels of testosterone and also increase your sperm count and their activity, then you have every reason to start eating red grapes on a daily basis. These fruits are not just delicious but also packed with the necessary elements needed for having more active sperms. They can thus be a wonderful choice if you are trying to have a family and you want to have hardy sperms that will make the journey all the way to the ova.

Low-fat milk

Milk is a wonderful source of calcium and proteins. This is why children and lactating moms are encouraged to take a lot of milk for healthier bones. The same is also true for men who desire to have stronger bones. Additionally, low-fat milk with vitamin D is ideal for boosting the testosterone levels in the body. This type of milk is nearly the same as whole milk, only that it doesn’t have the unsaturated fats that may have certain disadvantages on the body.


Beans are vital in male hormone health and not just for boosting testosterone alone. Varieties such as white beans, kidney beans, and black beans are extremely potent in zinc and vitamin D and since vitamin D is necessary for the production of testosterone, you are assured of increasing the levels of this hormone by including beans in your diet.


Garlic usually makes it to the list of superfoods due to the immense health benefits it has. As far as boosting the levels of testosterone is concerned, garlic contains a compound known as allicin which is known to lower the levels of cortisol – the stress hormone. Cortisol is always in competition with testosterone for the same sites in the cells, and as such, it inhibits the release as well as the functioning of testosterone.

It means that if you can inhibit the production of cortisol, then testosterone will not face any competition for sites on the body cells, and as such, its production and effectiveness will not be hindered. This is how garlic plays a role in the production as well as the effectiveness of hormone testosterone.

Honey for enhanced blood flow

If you want more buzz in the bedroom, then think about making honey your best friend. Honey is rich in the mineral known as boron and several studies have linked boron to high levels of testosterone. Honey is also very rich in nitric oxide and this is one of the most important elements necessary for opening blood vessels which makes it possible to have a strong and sustained erection. By just taking four teaspoons of honey, you can increase the levels of nitric oxide in your body by up to 50%.

Egg yolks

If you are conscious about your heart health, then you may be worried that taking eggs may not be a good idea. However, if you desire to increase the levels of cholesterol in your body and have great moments in the bedroom, then you may need to consider your stand on eggs. This is because egg yolks contain the kind of cholesterol needed for the production of testosterone. About heart health, you can comfortably take up to three eggs every single day without putting your heart into any risks.


Cabbages may not have a lot of mentions where superfoods are concerned, but it is the queen of the vegetables and a must have if you are looking forward to increasing the levels of testosterone in your body. The vegetable is loaded with a chemical known as indole-3-carbinol. This is a chemical necessary for flushing any traces of female hormones in your body.

If you are a man, then you will want very little to do with estrogen, but unfortunately, many men have this female hormone in their systems, and this makes them act girlish, and also not being able to take full advantage of the male hormone. By taking cabbages, you get rid of this hormone and allow for testosterone to dominate.


There is a myriad of supplements you can also consider for boosting testosterone levels in your body. Fulvic acids, for instance, is one mineral known to greatly increase the levels of the hormone in the body. Other than just increasing the levels of the hormone, several studies also suggest that the acid can improve to total sperm count by 61%, and increase the sperm quality by 37%. It is thus a potent element if you desire to fire up the man in you and get more power as far as your reproductive health is concerned.

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