The Best Kid’s Toys to Buy in 2022


Children need at least one hour of unobstructed playtime per day. They need even more when they’re babies and toddlers. 

If your child is getting bored of playtime prematurely, they may not have the right toys. They could have grown out of their toys, or they may not have been the best kids toys to begin with.

Help your child get the most out of their playtime with the most inspiring, exciting, and fun toys out there. Here are our top picks for buying kids toys in 2022.

The Strong Girl: American Girl of the Year Doll

Every strong little girl deserves to have her very own American Girl Doll. These dolls go beyond the traditional female roles for little girls and instead inspire them to chase their dreams, fight adversity, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Every American Girl Doll comes with a book about her adventures, and reading it will inspire your girl to be the best person she can be. There are no more inspiring kids toys than American Girl Dolls. Mattel loves to share the inspiration their toys provide. 

The girl of the year in 2022 is named Corinne. She lives by the ski slopes of Aspen. She’s facing the struggle of her parents’ divorce and being Chinese American during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Whether your child has experienced divorce or not, she’ll learn empathy and the complexity of human relationships through Corinne’s inspiring story.

The Just Arrived Baby: Honey Bee Music and Lights Activity Gym

Kids need the best children’s toys from their first moments. The right toys in infancy encourage curiosity, dexterity, and of course joy in newborn babies.

The Honey Bee Music and Lights Activity Gym provides a baby with all kinds of entertainment during both tummy and back time. There are interesting hanging elements to look at, 6 activities to participate in, several teethers, and a mirror. 

Best of all, the Honey Bee Music and Lights Activity Gym comes with a plush bear wedge to give your little one extra support and comfort while they play for the first time.

The Eco-Conscious Kid: MEGA Bloks® Green Town™ Charge and Go Bus

If your child has taken an interest in Green initiatives, this is a great toy set to help continue their interest and education in that area. Not only will they learn about alternative fuel methods, but they’ll also get to work on fine motor skills by building and pushing the bus. As they come up with stories for this little bus set, they’ll also be developing their creative minds.

Best Kids Toys for Every Kid!

No matter what your child’s interests are or what stage of development they’re at, they deserve the absolute best kids toys you can provide. Stimulate their minds, their creativity, and even their empathy with toys that are sure to excite on any occasion.

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