The Airbnb Survival Guide – How to Prepare Your Home For Lodging


Making the decision to utilise that spare room or take advantage of your investment property or holiday home can be a difficult but rewarding call. Making the most of the space you have available to earn an income will seem like a no brainer. However, it is important to prepare before diving in. Getting your home ready for the new guests is a must for both a positive experience and for your peace of mind. Use these tips to get your home ready for the new lodgers.

Trade up

We all like to think on the brighter side of life and think that everything is all ok. However, when it isn’t, you need to be prepared. Make sure you have a comprehensive list of trades on hand, in case something goes awry. A plumber is probably the most important one on the list. Making sure you have a reliable plumber on hand is crucial, as most guests will not accept a cold shower or not having water to drink.

It can even be worthwhile to reach out to your plumber before you start taking guests. This way, they can perform a thorough inspection and give you the peace of mind you need, as well as ensuring there are no problems to begin with.

Invest in linen

The beauty of taking on lodgers is that requests to stay can come in thick and fast. Sometimes, you have very little warning and little chance of getting the linen washed, dried, and refitted in time.

If you are seriously considering taking on lodgers, consider investing in the linen you will need to turn things around quickly. Purchase additional bed sheets, pillow cases, and even towels. Guests will appreciate the cleanliness of the accommodation and it will certainly be reflected in your reviews. There is nothing worse than having to lose income because the washing machine isn’t finished yet.

Maid for success

Presentation is everything when it comes to listing your property. But it can be hard to guarantee a tidy presentation if you don’t live near your property. If you are a distance away or not confident you have the time to reset your home, consider getting a maid or cleaner.

Getting a cleaner or maid to come through following a guest checking out can take the pressure off and ensure your home is presented as well as it can be. There is even specific services and companies that now offer these kinds of tailored options to homeowners, so it can be as simple as managing it through an app. A guest checks out, you send a message, and the cleaner does their thing; it can be as simple as that.

A guided tour

One of the challenges of lodging can be answering all of the questions your guests have about the area, town or city you live in. When you are preparing your home for lodging, do your research. Make a written or electronic guide to the neighbourhood including transport, supermarkets, restaurants etc. Help your guests understand what is outside as much as what is inside. This will ensure a smooth stay and it will almost certainly cut down the time spent responding to questions from your guests.


Creating a new income stream through your existing home or your investment home can be a great idea. However, being prepared and understanding what is required is just as important. Before starting to take on lodgers, consider these simple tips to making sure your home or room is ready. Not only will it help with the guests, it will also help to make sure you get those five star reviews as well.

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