The 5 Best Postpartum Recovery Kits


Whether you are newly pregnant for the first time or have recently given birth to the newest of multiple children, knowing the best options available to you for postpartum recovery assistance can be a hugely helpful step in navigating the post-birth experience. 

For new mothers (and especially for those who have given birth for the first time), knowing what to expect as well as having a few essentials on-hand and ready when you need them can change the game and make your postpartum recovery period shorter, easier, and more enjoyable. 

Navigating a health journey like childbirth requires a proactive and well-researched care and recovery plan. Luckily, there are a number of helpful resources out there to help you do that well. Here is a quick guide to some of the best postpartum recovery kits and products on the market.

Mama Hug: Multiple Options

Mama Hug is a popular brand that is worth exploring as you investigate what postpartum option is best for you. They offer postpartum recovery kits that are tailored for the nature of the birth.

Based on the birth process, you’ll potentially experience a particular set of needs. With kits available for not only vaginal but C-Section births, Mama Hug’s kit variations can help you make sure you’ll have the exact products you’ll need for your recovery experience.

Frida Mom: Simple Essentials

Frida Mom is another popular postpartum recovery brand that offers a pre-made kit for new mothers. This can be a great option to purchase before the birthing process if you’re not sure whether you’ll end up having a vaginal or C-Section birth. It can also be a perfect gift if you’re looking for something for an expecting or newly postpartum mother but aren’t sure of the details.

The Frida Mom postpartum recovery kit includes a solid set of essential items that can be beneficial to every new mother.

Bodily: Full Product Line

Bodily’s expansive line of postpartum products includes a robust recovery kit, as well as a full selection of individual items to meet any and all needs for expecting and new mothers. Bodily’s boutique and high-quality feel makes its products stand out from more nondescript product options. 

For mothers or gifters that want to customize or include additional items as well, this can be a great brand to choose. Alternatively, buying their full-featured postpartum kit as-is can be a great choice for those who want to equip a new mom with one of the best-outfitted kit options on the market.

Lansinoh: Pre-Birth Included

Lansinoh is another mother’s health brand that features a full product line for expecting and new moms. Their postpartum recovery kit is simple and might require some additional bits and pieces to fill it out and cover all the needs a new mother might experience, but includes a thoughtful touch that other postpartum recovery kits don’t always include. 

The Lansinoh kit includes products for pre-delivery and can be useful for expecting mothers even before birth, making this a great preliminary option that can be procured or gifted well in advance and cover needs that might not be accounted for in strictly postpartum kits.

DIY: Completely Customizable

Though pre-made kit products can sometimes be helpful to make sure the bases are covered, no one will know your needs as a new mother better than you do. Your unique experience can often necessitate a unique product set. Many new mothers opt to create their own postpartum recovery kits to make sure they can tailor it to exactly meet the needs they experience during recovery.

If this sounds intimidating or daunting, don’t worry. A number of resources are available that can walk expectant or new mothers through choosing the exact postpartum essentials that will serve them best. 

Detailed guides are available across the web and beyond that can make sense of this process, give you ideas and tips for the items you might need, and share helpful sources that can help you get the most bang for your buck when you assemble your own recovery kit. Large health or parenting sites like and others will often include detailed information on this subject as well as a complete range of other knowledge areas and advice. 

Obviously, midwives and doctors are also extremely valuable sources that can help guide you in the right direction. And additional sources, like experienced moms or written parent resources like magazines and books, can be helpful as well.

Especially for first-time moms, there’s a lot to learn as you enter motherhood. There will be plenty of time for other questions and learning curves. Resources for parenting techniques, understanding infant and child development stages, parenting multiple children, and balancing parenthood with other roles and responsibilities in life will eventually help you transition into this new season of life. 

For now though, as you experience the miracle of life’s beginning and recover from the birthing process, it’s ok to allow yourself a bit of time, rest, and essential tools that will speed your postpartum recovery and get you back on your feet to tackle this new journey.

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