The 5 Best Money Saving Apps for Android


If today’s economy were anything to go by, everyone needs to save money regardless of how much money you earn. Saving can help you achieve a goal you have desired to accomplish for the last God knows how long. Many people, however, find it impossible to strike a balance between meeting their needs, staying on budget, and keeping some money aside.

But this is even more interesting. There are dozens if not hundreds of money-saving smartphone apps out there. This means that saving doesn’t have to be a bomb case hassle. Nonetheless, the biggest problem most people face is choosing the right app to manage their finances and save up. You do not need to look any further because we have done the “dirty witty work” for you and selected some of the top saving applications to install on your android device. To rephrase this, here are the 5 best money saving apps for android you want to know about.

  1. Chime

Chime app is one of the best accounts for you if you lack the disciple to save consistently. The app has a current account and a debit card which are FDIC-insured. They, in addition to this, have measures in place to ensure that your money is safe. The best feature about the Chime saving app is that it automatically deducts 10% of all the money you deposit with the app and transfers it to the savings account. This saves you the burden of making the savings deposit manually. You can also adjust the savings percentage to any other figure above 10%. It allows you to easily pick an amount that you’re comfortable with or an amount that will help reach your savings goals within a preferred time frame.

  1. Clarity Money

This is a free app that helps you spend wisely.  Clarity money assists you to manage your finances by revoking any wasteful subscriptions or any transaction you do not need to make. The App tracks your expenditure so that you do not exceed your budget and every time you spend beyond your set target it notifies you.

  1. Mint

The Mint app stands out because of its exceptional features like-tracking your investments and comparing it with other alternatives on the market. The app is mostly recommended for people who have problems allocating their finances and sorting out their priorities because once you connect the app to your bank, it analyses your financial data, and then uses the information to make a personalized budget just for you. I promise you will be impressed with the magic this app can do.

  1. Qapital

Everyone needs knowledge on how to save their money. In addition to providing you with the option of a savings account, this app offers you a package that has lessons on saving money and how to achieve your saving goal. The app also has a feature that allows you to save a specified lump sum amount periodically.

  1. Digit

This app is like a combination of Mint savings App and Chime. The app has software that gathers data from your income and expenditure over a period of time. It then calculates how much you should be saving, automatically deducts the amount, and transfers it to the savings account.

It’s never too late to start saving towards your goals. If you make good use of one these apps, you can be sure that you’ll be a step closer to achieving those goals that you might have been putting off for a while. And in case of an emergency, you can have funds to fall back on. The icing on the cake is the fact that you can always monitor the saving on your Android device anytime, anywhere. And what’s more, there are lots of bidding and auction apps as well, where you can buy stuff at a cheaper price that you would have on the regular market. At DealDash is one of the best examples.

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Hmm, thanks for this list. All of these apps are great.

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4 years ago

It is an exciting article. The article takes a look at the 5 best money saving apps for Android. It is one of the best articles that you can find online if you are searching for best money saving apps for Android. Chime, Clarity Money, Mint, Qapital, and Digit are the 5 best money saving apps for android that you can find out from this article.

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