The 3 Best Natural Substitutes for Phentermine

  • PhenGold

PhenGold gets regarded as the best all-rounder alternative to phentermine. The supplement seeks to replicate all the positives provided by phentermine, all while adding several more benefits. For starters, PhenGold is made from 11 natural ingredients, all of which contain weight-loss properties. While phentermine only serves the role of an appetite suppressor, PhenGold seeks to promote weight loss in a combination of ways, all accelerating the rate and efficiency of the weight loss journey. First, PhenGold resets the body’s metabolism, effectively accelerating the metabolism for a faster weight-loss process. Further, PhenGold also suppresses appetite, helping the individual control caloric intake, for a more effective weight loss process. Suppressing appetite is the primary objective served by phentermine, and this works by affecting the brain’s norepinephrine levels. Norepinephrine is the neurochemical responsible for the flight-or-fight response in the brain. Usually, phentermine suppresses norepinephrine levels in the brain, consequently suppressing appetite. Through the process, however, the body may experience a variety of side effects, including anxiety, irritability, and being jittery. Unlike phentermine, PhenGold seeks to achieve appetite suppression without causing these severe side effects. The mechanism utilized for appetite suppression in PhenGold is different, with the process taking place in the stomach. PhenGold contains soluble fiber, glucomannan, which swells up the stomach producing a feeling of being full. Consequently, you will eat less, all while avoiding destabilizing your brain’s neurochemicals. Additionally, PhenGold also keeps your body’s energy levels high, without relying on caffeine as with other weight loss supplements. In its place, PhenGold uses a natural stimulant, green coffee bean extract, which provides all the benefits of a stimulant without the associated withdrawal symptoms. The green coffee bean extract, essentially unroasted coffee beans, contains chlorogenic acid which contains all the benefits of coffee without the resultant side effects. 

  • Phen24

Phen24 contains several natural ingredients proven to have weight loss and fat-burning capabilities. Phen24 primarily works by enhancing metabolism, essentially increasing the body’s ability to lose weight.Phen24 targets the body’s thermogenesis mechanism which raises the body’s cortisol levels. High cortisol levels, in turn, keep the body’s metabolism high, helping burn through any accumulated body fat. Phen24 is primarily composed of two pills, one for the day and another for nighttime. The day pill increases metabolism, while the night pill suppresses appetite. The Phen24 daytime formula has several natural ingredients including zinc, copper, caffeine, manganese, iodine, cayenne powder, guarana extract, and L-Phenylalanine. The zinc in the supplement has the role of enhancing metabolism and digestion, aiding in weight reduction. Manganese acts by regulating brain function and promoting energy creation. The energy boost will help the individual have more focus on their work and will promote more physical activity, all of which enhance weight loss. Copper in the supplement is responsible for energy production and iron absorption, all of which enhance weight loss during physical activity. The iodine promotes normal thyroid function. Caffeine has several benefits. First, it has natural fat-burning capabilities, enhancing weight loss. Additionally, consuming caffeine enhances energy levels, which in turn promotes physical activity aimed at weight reduction. However, caffeine in high quantities may cause adverse side effects like crashes and jitters, so it should get ingested in appropriate amounts. Guarana extract is another stimulant, aimed at enhancing energy levels for more physical activity. L-Phenylalanine works as an appetite suppressor, helping you feel full for longer. The cayenne powder has fat-burning capabilities thus enhancing weight loss. Phen24 night formula contains ingredients such as ascorbic acid, vitamin C, glucomannan, green tea extract, and vitamin B1, all of which enhance metabolism or suppress appetite. Phen24 comes in a package that guarantees good value for money, and you can find this supplement and other alternatives on

  • LeanBean

LeanBean works very similarly to how phentermine works, but contains more benefits and also is a longer-lasting alternative. LeanBean primarily works by suppressing appetite. LeanBean contains fiber that keeps the body feeling satiated, reducing food consumption. Additionally, LeanBean also helps regulate the body’s sugar levels, keeping you satiated for longer. Usually, hunger gets determined by your blood sugar levels. When the levels are low, you feel hungry and when high, you feel satiated. With LeanBean maintaining high blood sugar levels, you feel hungry less often, allowing your body to minimize fat reserves. LeanBean also provides the body a steady flow of energy allowing you to engage in more physical activity without necessitating more meals. Usually, when we engage in strenuous activity, we feel hungry and are subject to over-consumption. LeanBean ensures that you have a steady supply of energy without having to eat so often. With natural ingredients such as green coffee, turmeric, acai berry, glucomannan, and vitamins B6 and B12, LeanBean provides all the advantages presented by phentermine, without any of its side effects. Due to its long-term use capability, LeanBean also gives you an opportunity to lose weight over a staggered time period, unlike other alternatives that give tight and often difficult timelines.

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