Teaching Your Kid to Ride a Bike: 3 Essential Tips for Safety


One in three Americans rides a bike. Not only is it good for your heart, but it can also reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

That’s not all—it can improve your balance, coordination, and posture as well.

Are you teaching your kid to ride a bike? Looking for some bike safety tips? If so, you’re at the right place. We’ll be going over some essential points below. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Always Wear a Helmet 

It doesn’t matter if they’re riding with training wheels—they should always be wearing a helmet. Studies have shown that they can reduce traumatic brain injury by 53% and serious head injury by 60%.

The type of helmet matters as well. Ideally, it should have a CPSC sticker; that indicates that it’s safe to wear on the road.

Also, make sure that it’s the right size. That is, the helmet should sit square on the head with the front approximately two fingers’ width above their eyebrows. If it can move around on their head, it’s too loose.

2. Determine the Right-Sized Bike

Your child’s first bike should be suitable for their size. They can easily hurt themselves if it’s too big or too small. For example, it can cause them to lose control, which can result in a crash.

To find the right size, ask your child to straddle the top bar while standing upright; they should be able to touch the ground firmly with their feet. There should also be 1-2 inches of space between them and the bar.

Not only that, but the seat, wheels, and handlebars should also be tightened securely.

Tip: You can always refer to a bike size chart, if necessary. If anything, it’ll help you find the right wheel size (XIAPIA has many sizes that you can choose from).

3. Teach Them the Rules of the Road

Your child should be familiar with the rules of the road. For starters, their hands should be on the handlebars at all times. They should also be stopping and checking for traffic in both directions when leaving a driveway, curb, or alley.

And assuming that they can ride on the road, they should be on the right-hand side so that they’re traveling in the same direction as the cars. They should never ride against traffic.

Also, they shouldn’t be riding too close to the sides of vehicles as they can open at any time. Use bike lanes wherever possible.

Teaching Your Kid to Ride a Bike

And there you have it—three things to consider when you’re teaching your kid to ride a bike. Remember, safety always comes first, especially when you’re out on the road.

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