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new-store-logo-1441721909.jpgEvery New Year I make a resolution to eat healthier and research a workout facility. I start searching for a good gym close to my home or close to work and for some comfortable workout clothing that’s functional, supportive and cute.


Wearing the right clothing can make a world of difference in getting the most out of your workout especially when it comes to investing in stylish comfortable workout clothing! No matter if you’re working out at home, on lunch break or at the gym make sure to have on the proper clothing at all times.

After all, we all are trying to burn off those extra calories from the holidays! Well, SWEETFLEXX Wear Your GYM apparel can assist you with burning those calories as well as helping to tone your body.


These supper cute patent pending resistance Wear Technology leggings were designed to offer your body’s front and back resistances when worn. I can hear you asking, how is that possible? Well let me let the company fill you in as to the science of how these cute functional leggings work.

howsweetflexxworks_2Just think, every step you make the SweetFlexx leggings will be working to tone and burn calories from your body, you couldn’t ask for a better pair of leggings if you ask me!

The SweetFlex leggings target your lower core and front of legs, has seamlessly integrated resistance bands (patent pend.) that stretches, features slim stirrup that you can leave on or off and keeps leggings from rolling up with boots too.

Sweetflexx47They’re available in one color and range from sizes 2-12, by the way men don’t worry they are also available for you too and yes they target the same areas.

Last but not least these awesome leggings will definitely enhance your training and help you gain the strength your body needs no matter what you wear with them. Grab a cute sweater or workout shirt, gym shoes or boots and sport your SWEETFLEXX Wear Your GYM leggings all day long.


Remember proper workout attire doesn’t stop with just a shirt, shoes or sports bras, it’s important to have on the proper leggings that can offer your body the range of motion it needs during excising and of course provide you with a comfortable fit to getting a great workout completed!

I don’t know about you but I’m going to invest in a few pair of SWEETFLEXX Wear Your GYM for both me and my husband. I do believe they will assist us in our journey to becoming more toned, healthier and burning more calories!

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