Step it up: Designing Garden Stairs


When it comes to garden landscaping, do not commit the mistake of ignoring the steps. Stairs aka steps form an important component in your garden design. Be creative while designing them.

Steps can do a lot of things, they can ascend, descend, go zigzag. Steps lead you to destinations and bring you back from where you started. Eh, too philosophical!

Designing stairs can be challenging when it comes to gardens. It doesn’t follow the same dynamics as that of the indoor stairs. You have to choose the material carefully, you have to design it in a way that it brings out the wow factor, you also have to keep in mind that while you are focussing on the appearance, the functionality doesn’t fail. The main thing that steps have to be is to be comfortable.

Expert Landscape Gardeners in Sydney advise to keep the following things in mind:

  • The stairs should be wide enough. If you want them to be noticed, remember to not make them too narrow. Plan beforehand. Before you go ahead and make the choice of steps that you will be using, consider the various aspects like how much area is available, what kind of steps will suit the best and whether you want a traditional or modern look.
  • The type of steps that you will choose also depend largely on whether your garden is located outside or inside the house.
  • When it comes to a walking up steps be careful with the rise and fall. The rise and fall of the step must be consistent throughout the staircase. Also, be mindful of the height of the rise. It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to step up and it shouldn’t be so steep that the dark night falls instead of rising. Bad joke.
  • The steps should be broken now and then by landings. With garden stairs, one would look for a moment to pause and appreciate the surroundings. If you don’t give them that, then climbing the stairs becomes an arduous process.
  • Stairs do not necessarily have to be made of concrete. While designing steps for your garden, consider choosing timber, sand, bricks etc.
  • The stairs must be well lit at all times for the purpose of safety.

Here are a few design ideas for garden stairs:


  • Curved steps


    We said that steps can do a lot of things. It also includes going curved.

  1. Metal staircase for restricted space

    When space is lacking but you need steps, go with the simple metal staircase.

Step it up_ Designing garden stairs

  1. Railroad tie steps

    If you want to give your garden an antique look, railroad tie steps can help you achieve it.

Step it up_ Designing garden stairs

  1. Boulder steps

    If you want to give your garden a completely natural look, flaunt the boulder steps.

Step it up_ Designing garden stairs

  1. Mosaic garden stairs

    If you want to add a colorful vibe, go mosaic!

Step it up Designing Garden Stairs

  1. Log stairs

    If you have a big garden, then log stairs may be a feasible and unique idea. One cannot

guarantee comfort when it comes to these but they look amazing.

  1. Stairs with pillars

    You can consider placing pillars either at the entrance of your garden or the exit. We

would prefer the entrance since it gives a lavish feeling to anyone who enters the garden.

  1. Brick stairs

    When all else fails for you, go for the cost-effective brick stairs.


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