Start Teaching Your Kids How to Cook


It’s a pretty joyous moment when the whole family gathers around the table to enjoy your beautifully cooked meal. It’s a time to focus on each other while filling their bellies with delicious food.

But when the time comes for them to take the reins and cook for their families, will they be prepared?

Start bringing your kids into the kitchen at a young age to ensure they’re ready to cook themselves. With these few tips, your kids will enjoy their cooking moments with you and be prepared to pass them on to their children.

Keep Calm

Your child learns best from watching you. So if you walk into your first cooking session with your child nervous and anxious, it’s bound not to end well.

There are many hazards in the kitchen that need to be taken seriously, but you don’t want to scare your kids away. Keep the mood light and fun while being educational and informative.

Be Prepared

You need to prepare yourself first before your kids can prepare food on their own. Have a plan that is suitable for your child’s age. However, be ready to throw it out the window if need be.

A three-year-old won’t be cutting vegetables as a teenager could be. But on the other hand, your 12-year-old will need to learn more than just how to wash and stir ingredients. Base your cooking session on the child’s age, ability and how much you trust them with a sharp knife.

Keep Things Fun

You want them to learn the essentials, but you also want them to have fun. Keeping the cooking session entertaining will show that being in the kitchen is something fun the whole family can do.

Have a distinct outfit your child wears while cooking. Kids love to dress up so why not let them dress up like a real chef? Visit Chef Works for a variety of clothing for adults and children to wear while in the kitchen.

Before/After Cooking Essentials

If your child is to cook on their own, they will need to know what to do before they even touch the food. Incorporate your child into the full cooking process – preparation and cleanup included.

Teach them to wash their hands before they begin and after touching raw meat. Make sure to explain why they are doing specific steps so they understand what is going on. Tidy up the kitchen during and after the meal. Show them how keeping the workspace tidy will make the process easier and safer.

Give Specific Tasks

You can’t be general when teaching kids how to cook. Make sure they are given a specific task like washing all the carrots or peeling five potatoes.

Let them know what they are doing is an essential step in creating the meal. Give them a sense of pride knowing they played a significant role in making supper. This will help foster a sense of responsibility.


Bringing your kids into the kitchen at an early age will start to teach them essential life skills. Set them up for success down the road by showing them what they need right now.

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