Some Things to Consider before Committing to An Appearance Overhaul


These days, it’s easier than it’s ever been to radically overhaul your appearance, and there are more resources available than ever before to allow people to figure out just what kinds of “personal reinvention” paths they might want to go down, and to plan accordingly.

While a major image overhaul might be just the thing in certain cases for boosting an individual’s self-esteem, helping them to regain a sense of perspective, or to move closer towards the vision of their “best life,” however, that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best path forward.

Here are just a handful of things to consider before committing to a major image overhaul.

Do you know what the process would actually entail?

First things first: you might have heard some great things about a particular cosmetic procedure, makeup routine, or fashion and maybe you are on the verge of diving in headfirst. Okay. But do you really know the whole process would actually entail over the long term? Would you need to commit hours each day to maintaining your “new look?” Would you have to spend a lot of money? Are there maybe even certain risks you need to weigh up?

Before committing to any major image overhaul, do as much of your own research as you can. This is absolutely essential if part of your planned image overhaul includes a cosmetic surgical procedure.

Learn about tummy tuck surgery, rhinoplasty, or any other procedure that you might want to have done, well before diving in with both feet and “hoping for the best.”

Is the image overhaul getting to the heart of addressing a real desire or insecurity of yours, or is there something else that you’re ignoring?

It might be that there’s a particular benefit that you are looking for with a comprehensive image overhaul. Perhaps a certain particular feature of your appearance has been a lifelong source of frustration and insecurity, and overhauling your look and wardrobe could really help you to gain a newfound sense of confidence.

At the same time, however, there is also the risk that you might be subconsciously using the idea of an image overhaul  as a smokescreen to keep you from having to identify and address a deeper issue concerning your life that’s really at the heart of a particular feeling or insecurity of yours.

Be sure that you’re going forward with the makeover for the right reasons – not simply because you’re trying to compensate for something else.

Have you allowed yourself a cooling down period while thinking about the makeover?

Often, when people first get the idea of going through with a major, ambitious makeover, they will be highly motivated, energised, and excited, and will want to go through with the procedure as quickly as possible.

That kind of initial burst of enthusiasm is natural – but it’s important that you allow yourself a cooling down period while thinking about the process, before actually committing to it.

Give the more rational and calm parts of your mind a chance to have their say and weigh up the pros and cons. Maybe you don’t actually want to totally transform your hairstyle or get a highly visible tattoo, on the spur of the moment.

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Pamela Foester
3 months ago

Nice post, thanks for sharing this.