Some Crucial Tips To Buy Golf Sunglasses


Large number of pro golfers never use sunglasses. The reason for this is that they never had and the best way to get used to golf with sunglasses is to start using them in youth. Wearing sunglasses distort contrast and depth perception, but this reason is not enough to discard them all together for golfing. If you decide to wear golf sunglasses, you have to keep few points in mind, so look here for golf glasses. Recreational golfers and professional players of this generation start using sunglasses to relieve their eyes from extreme sunlight. Exposing eyes to Intense sunlight results in cataract and many other degenerative diseases. Here are some point which should be taken into notice when buying the golf sunglasses: 

 Frame –  Sunglasses should have an unbreakable and comfortable frame that fits your face perfectly, so you will not have to get distracted by adjusting them continuously. Go for frames that wrap well around your face so that there is no room for dust, debris or even wind to enter your eyes. Close fitting streams will also prevent UV rays from entering the sides or top of the sunglasses.

Polarization And Nanometer Rating – Choose polarized sunglasses having high nanometer rating. It blocks UV rays effectively.  

Lens Color – Multitude interchangeable lenses are an excellent option for those who play golf . They are available in three or four different colors that can be swapped out according to your current golfing needs. These sunglass packages include brown lenses for high glare conditions, grey lenses for general golfing conditions, yellow lenses for clarity, when you are playing golf in partly cloudy conditions and clear lenses for times when you don’t require sun protection, but still you want to protect your eyes from dirt and wind on windy Golf courses. Golfers use sunglasses that do not limit the peripheral vision, reading of Shadows and depth perception.

Weight – Golf Sunglasses should be lightweight as they are worn for a longer duration during a round.

What Lens Color Is Best For Bright Days?

Some people select lens color for the sunglasses due to aesthetic reasons, but various color lenses serve for various purposes. The tint of the glasses help with depth perception and decrease eye fatigue in some environments. On sunny days the conditions work best with Brown, grey, green or black lenses.

Other Options –

Green – Green is for general purpose use and offers some help with color perception. Green dim glares and brighten shadows. It gives good contrast for conditions with low lighting. It can be used on partly cloudy days due to increased contrast for better depth perception. Tint of green is also good on bright days as it reduces glare and filters out other light. 

Purple /blue – They are aesthetically pleasing and help to reduce the glare of the Sun. They are good for color perception to define contour. On pairing blue lenses with copper or bronze, they cut the glare and can be used for bright days.

Red /Pink – This color lens reduces eye strain. They provide good road visibility with a large amount of contrast.

If you are buying glasses for bright days but you also need them for Cloudy days then you should consider buying two pairs. Some glasses have interchangeable lenses which can be used to customize the tint for different activities and different conditions.

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2 years ago

Thanks! Really very useful article, I never thought that the choice of points will affect the game very much. After buying the glasses, I decided to upgrade my golf equipment, namely to buy a new golf cart from Vantage Tag Systems with a GPS system and a tag controller, which will give me new opportunities for growth!