Simple Boot Buying Guide for All Seasons



Have you ever tried wearing sneakers in the harsh Winter weather?

No Bueno, right!?

With Winter fast approaching, getting the right pair of boots for your spouse, relative, or friend is essential. Otherwise, wet and cold feet can be a pain, especially if they live in a partially harsh climate. 

With that being said, not all boots are made equal. 

Choose the wrong pair and your spouse could end up with blisters, calluses, and painful feet!

This article provides a complete breakdown of choosing the best boot as a gift for a special someone. We will discuss how to choose the correct boots depending on the season.

How To Choose The Best Winter Boots

Consider The Size

If you want to purchase the best boots possible, choosing the correct size is very important. Boots that are too big don’t only look bad, but can also lead to Metatarsalgia, Achilles Tendonitis, and calf pain.

Choosing a pair that is too small can result in bone spurs, hammer toe, and foot pain. 

If you’re buying a gift for your spouse and want to keep it a surprise, you can see what size his shoes are by looking at the inside label. For family members and friends, you might have to call around and find the answer by talking to friends of friends!

…time to put your Sherlock Holmes hat on!

Boots Purpose

Different boots are made for different purposes. Ensuring you choose the correct pair is crucial when buying the perfect gift.

There are three main types of boots; casual, hiking, and work boots. 

Casual boots are what you see people wearing every day when out and about. These types of boots are the perfect gift for men who like to stay looking smart! They also tend to be very comfortable and work great in all seasons.


Hiking boots are exactly as they sound – boots made for hiking. If your friend, relative, or spouse has a love for the great outdoors, hiking boots make the perfect gift. They can also handle difficult wilderness terrain, minimizing injury and offering protection from the snow and rain. 

Work boots offer an excellent level of protection for blue-collar workers. Most have steel ingrained into the front of the boots, offering protection when lifting heavy objects. If you want your special someone to stay protected at work – don’t skip out on high-quality work boots!

Protection Against The Cold 

Did you know that your hands and feet are most prone to frostbite? That’s why they get cold and painful quickly in cold weather. Not only is this uncomfortable, but also dangerous when living in very extreme climates.

A high-quality pair of Winter boots should offer adequate protection against the cold. To determine how cold-resistant your boots are, consider the insulation levels.


Boot insulation levels are measured in grams and range from 100g to 1000g. The higher the insulation level, the more protection against the cold. 

If you’re buying boots for somebody that lives in an area that snows regularly, we recommend an insulation level of 1000g. On the flip side, we recommend 400g of insulation for people that live in cold, but not extreme, climates.

For people that live in hot climates year-round, 200g of insulation is sufficient. 

Low VS High

When browsing online for boots, you will come across two common styles; high and low. But there’s more than just looks when choosing which type of boots make a good present. 

While great for trekking through deep snow, high boots make walking difficult and limit your range of motion. 

Low boots are more common and make walking around much easier. These types of boots are better suited for everyday use and can be worn in the Summer months.


It’s important to take your time when choosing a pair of boots. Some boots are made for Winter weather, whereas others work better in the Summer months. Once you understand what to look for, you’re less likely to waste money on a pair of boots that can’t be worn!

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