Should You Book Directly, Use a Booking Site or Comparison Platform?


In this digital age, we’re spoiled with choices for booking any type of services, from direct bookings to comparing quotes on websites and going through commission-based platforms. But which option is the best? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each and figure out who deserves our attention (and money)!

Booking Companies Directly

If you would like to have all the control from start to finish when arranging your plans? Booking directly with companies can be awesome if you’re super certain about what you’re looking for! Though it might eat up some time and maybe take some extra sleuthing to find the perfect provider, there’s no middleman to mess with, and you get to call the shots. Just remember though, you might not snag the best deal since there is no haggling or competition involved.


  • When booking your services directly with a provider, you can enjoy the many privileges of tailored guidance and convenience. With direct control throughout every step – from inquiry to payment – you have greater flexibility in managing specific details according to personal preferences. Moreover, communication is enhanced between both parties for any additional needs or requests that may arise during service provision.
  • Experience significant savings and exclusive deals by opting for direct bookings, bypassing additional costs associated with third-party platforms. Embrace a financially savvy decision while enjoying stellar customer service from the provider itself.


  • Booking straight from the source can prove challenging at times, mainly due to the additional time and effort required to locate the ideal service provider. Furthermore, the unparalleled efficiency provided by comparison websites or online booking platforms is unavailable, and you might encounter difficulties in resolving concerns through customer service representatives.
  • Maintain confidence by opting for a comparison site or third-party platform, as they offer an extra shield against scams and unscrupulous providers. By choosing this method, you’ll gain valuable support and defense – a safety net that may not be available when booking directly.

Commission-based Booking Platforms

Commission-based booking systems may offer a more user-friendly and seamless experience as these platforms handle the entire process from finding a provider to processing payments and ensuring customer satisfaction. Afterall that is what you are paying for. However, for the convenience of a booking manager and someone to turn to when problems arise does come at a cost. This is the model of these platforms and the commission structure can be anywhere between 10% – 30% per booking. It may not be immediately transparent that you are paying for the commission but it will definitely be outlined in the terms and conditions. The nature of the commission-based systems means you will be paying more than if you had of directly booked with the company.


  • By using a booking platform, they provide one-stop to your moving needs. You can often find a service provider and you will make payment directly to the booking platform. Usually from here once the job is carried out, the booking platform will pay the moving company less any commissions and fees. 
  • You can also save a lot of time and effort when you have a booking manager to overlook your move. Booking platforms are often partners with multiple service providers, which gives you more options. However, having multiple contracts with them also means not all contracts are equal and it can often lead to promoting the company who has the highest returning commission rather than your own best interest.


  • While booking platforms have their merits, they also harbor some drawbacks. The major issue stems from the hefty commissions they obtain from service providers, which can take a toll on the consumers hip pocket. In turn, consumers might find themselves paying higher prices than they would for direct bookings. Additionally, these platforms might not always showcase the most competitive prices or deals, and can deter businesses from offering discounts due to the steep fees involved.
  • Booking platforms could potentially disappoint when it comes to customer support, as they may lack dedicated service teams and prioritize high commission providers over individual needs. This frustrating experience could leave you without the assistance you require when facing issues with the service provider.
  • Beware of possible pitfalls on booking platforms, as they may not be completely transparent with their service providers. Some of these platforms may prioritize specific providers or coax them into offering services or prices that aren’t ideal for your needs, potentially compromising your overall experience.

Comparison Sites

Then discover the power of quote comparison websites, your ultimate ally in finding the perfect provider match. You are provided with a curated list of top-notch providers, complete with ratings and competitive prices, ensuring you secure the best deal. With providers footing the listing fee, these platforms are commission-free, allowing for a more direct and economical interaction between you and your chosen provider. 


The power of quote comparison platforms allows you to effortlessly find the perfect service provider for you. This model allows you to say goodbye to time-consuming research on individual providers, and say hello to the convenience of accessing multiple options in one convenient spot. Save precious time and energy while confidently comparing pricing and offerings all in one comprehensive platform.

  • Quote comparison platforms are also free for customers because they charge service providers a fee to be listed on them. You can easily compare prices and services, without paying any additional fees or commissions. Which means you save and also more money going back to the removalist who you book.
  • A quote comparison platform can also help you find the right provider for you. You can filter providers using comparison platforms based on certain criteria such as price range and reviews. This allows you to choose the right mover by knowing what other consumers have said in the past.

These websites can also help you make informed decisions by providing unbiased customer reviews and ratings about each provider. These reviews and ratings can only be left from customers that have gone through the system and they can really help you get a better idea of each provider’s service quality, which will allow you to make an informed decision about which one you should choose. There are many online quote comparison sites for different services. When it comes to the moving space, one that stands out in particular where you can compare removalists interstate and local companies is Find a Mover.


  • Quote comparison websites also do have their own limitations. It really does depends on the list of moving companies they have as not all service providers are listed on one platform. This means that you may not have access to all available options.
  • Comparison platforms are impartial on whom you choose to select as you make your own decision after prices and reviews. This also means that they are not responsible for whom you book and often if you do book a mover in, it directly falls under the terms of the moving company. 

For the diligent and discerning individuals, direct bookings grant the unique advantage of handpicking the ideal service provider. If convenience reigns supreme, commission-based booking platforms will effortlessly cater to your needs, albeit at a slightly higher price point. For the pragmatic and budget-conscious, quote comparison websites strike the perfect harmony among ease, value, and affordability – an exceptional solution for the majority consumers.

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