Settling In: Things to Do First When You Move to a New Town


Starting over in a strange town can be a stressful time as you get used to your new property, new neighbors and different amenities and local businesses. Once you get your home in order, it is time to start exploring the neighbourhood and getting to know the local community. Settling into your new town immediately will help to make the adjustment period as easy as possible, and let you start making new friends and contacts almost as soon as you arrive.

Go Exploring

It can be difficult to get a feel for your new town in just a few visits, so the sooner you get out and explore the neighborhood the better. Take a walk up and down the main street to see what types of businesses are close to your home. Shops that sell local produce are always useful as well as family-owned bars and restaurants. Frequenting local establishments rather than franchises will help you get to know the community much quicker.

If you have children, scope out any parks, museums or activity centers that may become some of your favorite haunts over the next few years. Get chatting to any locals you meet along the way, and ask for their recommendations on places of interest. Acting like a tourist for the day is a great way to explore the town, so look out for any local area guides or maps that point out landmarks or interesting buildings. Make sure you wear a pair of comfy shoes, or rent bicycles for the day to cover more ground.

Volunteer For Local Events

Volunteering in the local community is perhaps the best way to meet new people in your town. Join a local church and volunteer for any bake sales, fundraisers or fairs that are coming up. If you have children in school, join the parents and teachers association, and lend your hand to any field trips or activities that require volunteers. Many towns also run shelters for homeless people or animal sanctuaries that are always grateful to receive volunteers.

Check Out The Local Visitors Center

Your local visitors center offers a wealth of information on upcoming events such as bazaars and music festivals in your area. Local businesses will also leave coupons and flyers out for visitors to take along with posters advertising their own calendar of events. If you enjoy hiking, then your visitors center will 

be able to point you in the direction of natural beauty spots and hiking trails.

Pick Up The Local Paper

The local paper will be full of useful information on news and events that are taking place in the area. If you wish to do a little research on your new town before the move, then you can access local newspapers online to check out job listings, local government news and community events. You can learn many things about your new town from the local papers such as crime rates, house prices and even local government figures. If you require the services of an estate agent to help you locate a suitable property, then visit Heatheringtons for a variety of homes for sale or rent.

Throw a Block Party

One of the best ways to get to know your new neighbors is by inviting them all over for a party. It is advisable to keep your first social gathering low key to avoid annoying those around you with loud noise. Once your home is clean and organised, pop over to your neighbors and ask if they would like to join you for a house warming party. You can host a small dinner party or simply a few drinks and nibbles to get everyone in a social mood. Try to plan your party for a weekend, and give at least a few days’ notice so any families with children will be able to attend.

As well as getting to know your town, it is important to take care of all the administration duties that come with moving house. Visit your local post office a few weeks before the move, and ask them to forward any mail to your new address. It can sometimes take a few weeks for mail forwarding to come into effect, so it is advisable to do this as early as possible. You will also need to notify your bank, job and any other establishments about your change of address as well as search for a new doctor’s surgery, dentist and local bank. 

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