Reclaim your living room: try these makeover tips


It’s a creeping looming sensation, the kind of fear that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end. You stalk your way through the lobby of your home, your heart sinking with every footstep.

As you stand in the threshold of your living room, all your worries are vindicated – the kids have torn your living room apart, like tigers to a gazelle. Toys litter the floor, the settee is covered in juice stains and your coffee table has more crumbs on it than a decade-old toaster.

With a smile, you remember what your living room used to look like, before the kids took control. It was clean, pristine and brimming with brightness. It could have been used in adverts for Febreeze or Mr Sheen.

Don’t you want to return to those halcyon days, when your living room was the ideal den of relaxation?

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you reclaim your living room and make it look super-stylish once again.

Settees that please

When you’ve finally put the kids to bed, there’s no better feeling than lounging on the sofa with a glass of red and Downton on the telly. But what if your settee is about as comfortable as Chinese water torture? You’ll never find the right kind of “me” time.

A comfy sofa is the key to a relaxed parent. So where would we recommend?

Having trawled through various sofa providers, our favourite is Saxon, whose handy and informative articles on their site will give you a more thorough idea about the perfect purchase. Moreover, their broad range of seating options is exemplary. They come with a stamp of approval from us.

Find your feature

Feature walls are the future of interior design – and they’re the simplest way to make your living room look incredibly stylish.

But what is a feature wall? Essentially it’s a single wall decked out in the finest design imaginable, while your other walls feature a comparatively less eye-popping design. So you’ll be able to have a colourful pattern without looking garish.

Head to Homebase’s site and check out their huge range of wallpapers specifically designed to be used on feature walls. Pick your fave and you’ll have the more glamorous looking living room on your street.

Make adult choices

Sometimes you want an adult’s only space, somewhere that the kids won’t be interested in. So why not pack your living room with a few touches of class?

Invest in a fancy looking bookshelf (even catalogue stores like Argos stock effective shelving at a mid-range price). When you’ve got your shelf sorted, purchase a few of the classics (Marlowe, Shakespeare, Hemingway and the like). Who knows – you might even enjoy reading them.

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