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The economic downturn has made career pursuits difficult for just about everyone. And moms who have been home with the kids face the added challenge when they decide to re-enter the work force of competing for jobs against many applicants with no gaps in their work experience. Education can be the key to recession-proofing your career and staying ahead of the pack.

Can You Bullet-Proof Your Career?

Some industries thrive under certain market conditions. When people have less money in their wallets, they’re likely to cut back on some luxury items. On the other hand, some industries remain fairly stable regardless of the economy. Health care is one of these; people get sick whether the economy is up, down or sideways. Education, accounting services, and computer services are other areas where needs continue despite economic downturns.

Of course you want to focus your career in an area that is right for you in terms of feeling comfortable and being able to develop the necessary skills, but consider your opportunities as well. That’s where education comes in.


Boost Your Employability

In today’s economy, jobs can be tough to come by. So to ensure that you’ll have the qualifications that look good to potential employers, consider taking classes and earning certifications in the career area in which you’d like to work. These can greatly improve your potential for being hired. For example, computer professionals come in all shapes and sizes, but when they can add one or more certifications in specific areas to their skill-set, they instantly gain increased marketability. Health care professionals are required to certify in several areas, but picking up an optional certification can set them apart from the rest of the applicants.

Education for Moms

Getting additional education doesn’t necessarily mean signing your life away as you dutifully plow through a degree program. Today you have plenty of options for pursuing further education that will still leave time for the rest of your life.

You can pick up many certifications through your local college in the form of night classes, weekend classes or online classes. Many of these can be tucked into a mom’s schedule while Dad or a sitter stays with the kids. Life during the class may be a little hectic, but in the end, you’ll have new skills and qualifications that will enhance your employment opportunities.

Numerous programs are available that can be completed online, regardless of your schedule. Some online classes require regular class meetings, but many allow you to study at your own pace at your own convenience—like when the kids are asleep.

Choosing a Path

With all the options available for continuing education, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices you have. Think about the education and experience you already have and consider building on it. If you do decide to depart from your current skill-set choose an area that truly interests you. Remember, if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Author: Jennifer Hayes is a financial advisor earning her accounting degree online in her spare time.

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