Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog for Your Kids


Dogs are known to be affectionate animals and can have a positive influence on your kids. Even if you don’t love dogs that much, there is no denying that getting one for your kids can greatly improve the mood around the house. There is a perception that dogs are smelly and shed their hair all over the house which can be unhygienic. These are some of the reasons why parents will avoid getting them for their kids.  Here are some of the true reasons why you should get a dog for your kids.

Dogs are True Friends

Dogs are loyal to a fault. You could accidentally step on them but they will come back after a few seconds wagging their tail. Having such a friend is almost impossible and is uncommon in other pets. A dog can help in coping with depression and loneliness. There is a connection that is hard to explain and you can only feel it when you have a dog as a friend. Dogs will always be there and willing to play with your kids. Their moods don’t change drastically like other pets.

Help in Maintaining a Good Health

Dogs like to play a lot. This means a lot of running and chasing. Kids love to be involved in such playful activity and it is only fun when there is a dog involved. There have been studies that have shown that dog owners are more active compared to those that don’t have dogs. Kids also learn motor skills whenever they’re feeding the dogs. You can encourage the kids to tag along whenever you go out for a walk with the dog. There have been studies that dogs can help kids develop immunity which will come in handy when fighting common diseases.

They Offer Protection

You’ve probably seen countless videos on the internet of dogs showing bravery when kids are facing imminent danger. Dogs are selfless creatures and will be willing to put their life on the line to provide protection. As a parent, you will not always have eyes on your kids. Dogs are intelligent creatures and can sense when something is not right. Dogs can sense when there are allergens inside your home and it will be a lot easier to take the necessary steps when you’re alerted in time.

Helps in Skills Development

Your kids are likely to be better caretakers when they spend time with your dog. They won’t see it as a challenge but a game. It is a lot easier to learn in a fun environment. Studies have shown that pet ownership leads to meaningful and engaged learning. Kids can greatly improve their reading and comprehension skills when they’re interacting with their dogs. A dog will always be willing to listen and won’t interrupt a kid when reading out loud.  Dogs can also help your kids build social skills. They’re not afraid to interact with other humans. This makes it easy to start conversations with strangers.

Promote Emotional Development

Dogs make children feel special and wanted. The desire to be appreciated is something that is ingrained in the human psyche. There have been several studies that have shown that that dogs can help in the development of a kid’s self-esteem. There are different pet-oriented tasks that your kid can participate in which will help in building their confidence.

Reduce Anxiety

Kids can be prone to anxiety challenges. Dogs can be comforting at all times. They don’t ask questions but just want to improve the overall mood. Having such an influence is going to be beneficial for your kids when fighting anxiety. It can be playful interaction or a cuddle that is needed to put your child at ease.

Help In Managing Behavioral Problems

Dogs have been used for therapeutic reasons since time immemorial. Playing with dogs can help overly aggressive kids channel their energy towards more meaningful endeavors. Dogs have shown to be helpful for children with special needs. They are empathetic and are always aware of what is happening in a familiar environment.


The decision to get a dog for your kid should be a no brainer. Forget about what you’ve heard about dogs and the maintenance issues. There will obviously be challenges but the benefits will be worth it in the end. Next time you see teacup puppies for sale, you might want to consider getting them for your kids. It might be the best present you ever gift them in their young lives. Dogs can offer companionship for up to 20 years.

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