Reasons why teenagers are more attracted to marijuana?


The recent past has shown evidence of teenagers getting involved in the use and abuse of marijuana. It is a kind of drug obtained from natural plants. The drug is prevalent among teenagers. There are attempts in society to promote the use of marijuana. There are also steps to make it legal for individual users. Many teenagers are into regular use of the drug and they try to justify their use of the product from several angles. They feel that the drug is not dangerous, and they may try it on an experimental basis.

The main reasons why teenagers are into marijuana

  • They want to try something new: The most crucial reason pointed out in various studies is that teenagers want to do experiments. Most of them have heard about the product from their friends, online resources, and even adults. They have a curiosity and a tendency to know what the product is all about. It has become a part of their experience. A common belief among teenagers is that they are invincible, and nothing dangerous can happen to them. It is a very wrong notion that has developed among them. They often do not know the exact way of using the product, which leads to dangerous consequences.
  • They justify it onthe ground that even others try it: Studies have revealed that teenagers try to justify their use of marijuana by saying that others are also into it. There is ultimately no doubt that friends influence a teenager more than anybody else. They play a significant role in taking them towards drugs. The common tendency among teenagers is to be accepted by everyone in the peer group. Some teens also buy online at Cannakiss for pleasure.  It is the main reason they try to get involved in some activities that may sometimes become dangerous.
  • Mood off: Mood swings are a widespread problem that almost all teenagers go through in adolescence. They try to justify marijuana smoking because they feel low, which can be true for some. So they try to get high and get rid of their boredom by using the product. Elders need to talk to their children about the pros and cons of these products. They should not consume it in unlimited quantities. 
  • Marijuana helps you feel better: Teens always try to find reasons to stay away from their problems. It is in this process that they find an escape into marijuana. The Drug is a source of relief froma mental disorder and emotional stress. It is a common belief among teenagers that this drug can keep them going. 

Hence from the above discussion, it is clear that the teenagers try to give various reasons from multiple angles to justify their use of this drug. It is the elders’ responsibility to help them cope up with their problems without the use of any medicine. It is undoubtedly a complicated process to ensure they consume a limited quantity of the drug. 

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2 years ago

Millennials are indeed very liberated and they are sensitive as well. I also assume that they are the most curious generation. Also I have to mention that they are the easiest to influence. Maybe we should stick more to the traditional way of discipline rather than making them making them feel superior and always let them know their limits on what can they do, what they can’t, what they are allowed, saying no to some things they want, and most especially listening to their thoughts and needs. Let’s also consider that letting them have more time with their family could also influence their decisions; that these decisions have consequences to themselves, to their friends and families.