Ready to Sell Your Home? Here’s How to Prepare it for Sale


Moving is an inevitable event for many families. In fact, it often comes up at least two or three times in our lives. Packing all your belongings can seem like a daunting task on its own, but the bigger challenge is preparing your home for a new family and putting it on the market.

Obviously, every situation will be unique, but there are plenty of common practices that you can add to your checklist before figuring out all the little stuff. Preparing early and organizing your goals is the best way to tackle such a big event. If you have the time, try not to do everything at once. Accomplishing a little bit every day will relieve a lot of the stress involved.

You can do this! And remember, anybody that’s been through it can tell you, it gets easier every time.

Know Your Goals Going into It

Before you get started, it’s important to know what your goals are. Are you in a hurry to move, or can you afford to let your house sit on the market for a while? Looking to make a profit, or do you just want someone to take it off your hands? Answering these questions will help you get an idea of what your to-do list will look like.

Important Steps

  • Find a great realtor: Regardless of your situation, finding a good realtor can make all the difference in the process of moving and selling your home. If any of your friends have moved recently, ask them who they found to help. Barring that, a quick search online will give you resources on the different realtors in your area. Meeting a professional who understands your goals and can guide you through the process will do wonders for your stress levels.
  • Pack early: Packing is a pain. One thing my mother always taught me is that the earlier you start, the easier it is down the road. Pack all the non-essential items first, like the skis you bought for the kids four winters ago, or that veggie spiraler that you keep saying you’re going to use but never do. Another helpful hint to keep in mind: the sooner you pack up all the decorations and family photos, the more real the move gets in your mind.
  • …But not TOO early: Also, if you plan on using cardboard boxes, be mindful of packing too A bunch of cardboard laying around can often attract roaches, and bug bombing is a task we’d all prefer to avoid.
  • Fix up small issues with DIY: As you put things into boxes and take pictures off the walls, you might notice that the house could use a little fixing up. Maybe you’ve already made a list of the known quirks: that one noisy step, the leaky faucet in the bathroom, etc.
  • Return it to a blank canvas: If you have the time (and money) to invest, consider taking down the jungle wallpaper in the kid’s room and painting all the walls a neutral color. This can make your house easier to sell because potential buyers will see that there is one less step if they want to make the house their own.
  • Call in the professionals: Another important renovation task that comes up for many of us is addressing water damage (check under the sinks, you might be surprised.) While painting and fixing small leaks can be easy DIY projects, this one is better left to professionals who already have the necessary equipment. There are plenty of companies around that offer this service (a good source: All Dry USA) and many of them include carpet and tile cleaning afterward to save you the hassle.

Someday, you’ll send your last little one off to college or into the world, and as you look around your home you realize you don’t need 3 guest bedrooms. Maybe you or your spouse got a promotion at work (congratulations!) and the new job requires a move to a different area. Or maybe the kids are still young, and you need a slightly bigger place to accommodate all the running and exploring they’re bound to do. 

Whatever the reason for selling your house, there are ways to make it happen efficiently and with relatively little stress.

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