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My youngest daughter is learning how to read. The downside is she is not doing this in a school setting. It is all done by me, and sometimes I need a leg up on the process, especially right now, with her doing home learning. Covid has undoubtedly put a crimp in our usual lifestyle. So I have looked to Reading Eggs to help me with this. 

She truly loves her screen time, and there are plenty of educational websites and apps she enjoys. However, they are full of advertisements and plenty of things she wants. I want her to be learning, not coming to me every five minutes, wanting something new. Reading Eggs brings me that peace of mind. She is undistracted with other things and can focus on learning. 

The printable worksheets are fun for her and give her plenty of practice using a pencil. She does not get bored and doesn’t complain. They are engaging and truly show me all she knows. Those moments of being proud while having the help I need to teach her to read quickly in a fun way. No kid enjoys learning when it is boring. 

One of my favorite features is that you can get instant progress reports to see how your child is improving on their reading. This takes the guesswork completely out of the equation. You can see how well they are doing and their improvements all the time. 

Reading Eggs is designed for each of the five essential reading components to be mastered by your child. These are phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The 500+ printable worksheets, 2,500+ e-books, and activities bring all of this together for your child. You can rest assured they will be learning all they need to be an avid reader. 

My daughter’s favorite part is the reward system. She is all about doing stuff when she knows there is something at the end. You get to hatch eggs and acorns and get critters for doing well along their learning path. She adores this and keeps her engaged and wanting to continue the next day. 

With home learning being a big thing these days with the pandemic, I needed help with lesson plans and keeping my daughter engaged. Reading Eggs has genuinely given me that for their reading needs. You get a month free on their site before paying, which allowed me to see if my daughter would truly be engaged. It is something worth trying out for your child! 

Learning should be fun and engaging for your child. Something that rewards them and continues to challenge them along the way. Having lesson plans and activities is vital for your child. If this is part of a home learning program or just something to help them get a leg up for school. I genuinely think it is worth your time and an excellent investment in your child’s education. 

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