Quick and Easy Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for Working Moms


A clean kitchen not only means you are dextrous but also the source of joy and relaxation. Kitchen the central part of the house where the kids enter first when they come back from school, this hub is creating recipes and traditions since generations and also entertain guests. The soothing, clean and organised kitchen energizes the mom to cook for the family. It is also necessary for the health to keep the kitchen free from germs and bad smells.

The creation of neat and tidy abode of dreams demand your time, but what; you are a working mom and cannot spent hours in scrubbing and cleaning. There are the tips exclusive for the very busy moms who cannot get their households done in available time. The granite kitchen counter top and shelves are easier to clean, go to the granite supplier and replace the countertop for quick cleaning. Get those handy and perfect tips for the shiny clean kitchen here.

Grab the supplies

Stains and mess is inevitable particularly when you are very busy. Treating every stain individually is not possible so pre-treat them. Pick the bleach alternative all-purpose cleaner for kitchen that is also germ resistant. Keep the paper towels, gloves and sponges in the cabinet to tackle the mess. Spray that all-purpose cleaner for a while till you wash dishes. Rub the countertop and shelves with the sponge and clean with paper tower and the kitchen is neat like new.

Another Quick Wipe Down

You can also use disinfectant wipes for quick cleaning that also kills the germs while removing stains and mess. You can use it to clean the windows, doors, furniture and sticky smudges from anywhere. It is the overall cleaning hack for the kitchen and home. It will talk some half an hour to clean those areas if you make a routine of every third day. If you could not find wipes you can make yourself with the separate towel and all-purpose cleaning spray.

Cleaning the sink

As you cannot spare time for scrubbing the sink, here is the tip for you. Keep an extra sponge in the rack near kitchen sink and use it to clean the sink every time you ach your hands after cleaning the dishes. If will take a few seconds but will keep the sink clean that you do not have to spend extra time on the weekend to make it shiny.

Put the things in Place

Put the bottles and boxes back to the storage. Everything should be back in place after you finish cooking. Once you forget placing them back or go lethargic they will be there on the counter for long and create a mess.

The trash management

First of all, keep a check on the expiry date and make a habit of throwing old and useless stuff to keep the little and keeping it clean. Use a disposable bag for the whole day kitchen trash and throw it every day rather than keeping the trash for two or more days. The dustbin should also be neat and clean as germs can generate there.

Microwave cleaning

The easiest tip is to use a roll of non-stick baking liners to lay in on the bottom of the oven so if the spill occurs it does not create mess in the oven. That paper is oven safe and do not melt in high heat. You can replace the paper later when it gets grimy and the oven will be neat and clean. If the walls are already dirty, put a bowl of water with lemon juice in it and heat it for three mixtures in the oven. Remove the bowl and close the oven for 5 minutes more. The junk will be loosen and you can clean the inside of the oven with the fabric.

Pro-tip: fake cleanliness

If you have sudden guests at your home or in-laws to visit you in a while but you have so much to do with the dishes in the sink. Organize those dirty dishes in the sink and put a wooden cutting board over it to fake it giving a clean look.

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