Protecting Students’ Rights in the Classroom: What You Need to Know


Now that the children have grown up, the next step after kindergarten is school. This change might prove to be a little difficult both for you and your children.

The environment is completely changed and so are the colleagues. Even though your children are adapting well, you should be prepared to help them in case of urgency.

And even though the number of cases of abuses in school is slowly decreasing, you should know what right they have.

Free Expression

One of the most important rights in the classroom is free expression. As a student, your child should be able to express his feelings and thoughts not only through written academic assignments.

It is important to talk with your children and see if they fear someone or something at school. Because school should be the best environment to learn how to express yourself and to do it freely.


This is a very important aspect for students. You cannot send your child to learn in an unsafe environment. In a world where technology is continuously developing, students begin to have access to more and more aspects of adult life.

It is important for your child to feel safe at school. It is important to identify those factors which make him fear and avoid school. And at the safety of the environment are contributing also the teachers, the fellow students and the management of the school.

Secure Environment

Bullying is a global phenomenon now. More and more students are bullied, and much more are bullies. Suicide began to be more common among youngsters and the main cause is an insecure environment.

Studies show that 11 percent of youth will face depression until they turn 18. The fact that mental disorders such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks begin to be more and more present in youngsters’ life should be an alarm for you as a parent.


School should be an environment where everyone is accepted, no matter your race, religion or skin color. And students should not be discriminated by teachers or fellow students.

For example, if your child must write an essay, the grade should be given without taking into consideration his religion or skin color.

It is also important to teach your children to accept everyone and to try and include others in their group. You never know who their best friend can be.

Privacy and Information

Having information about students is critical for a teacher because they need to build the lessons according to their needs. They can assess these needs using free online surveys or buy some at affordable prices.

Either way, it is important to protect private information about students. Students need to beware of possible intrusions or online abuses.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Even though the law prohibits it, schools are constantly discriminating pregnant students. Of course, they are not doing it in an obvious way. But, they make the classes harder, the homework more difficult to complete and the extracurricular activities impossible to participate in.

There are some cases when schools want to force students to transfer or quit school. It is important to know that they are forbidden to do this and, as a parent, you can make a change by protecting your children.

Fair Assessment

Well, students that have mild problems might be discriminated or fall behind the best students. For example, only half of the students that are dyslexic or have other learning differences score better on assessments.

They should have the opportunity to prove their knowledge. There is an offer of custom assignments for students with learning differences.

Personal Learning

Every school must have a counselor to help students identify their strengths. A counselor in school is very important especially for low-income children. A counselor should help them inform about career opportunities and pursue them.

Of course, not only the counselor contributes to the personal learning of every student. Every one of them should be encouraged to aim higher and to be in a constant improvement of their skills. It is about supporting students as individuals and appreciating their efforts.


As a parent, you will face challenging situations. The situations are more challenging because your child will be involved. He might sometimes feel let down and hopeless. Maybe the homework is too difficult or maybe school is not offering him a safe environment for development.

You need to identify what bothers him and to help him. For example, you can get the help of a paper writing service when he does not know how to structure an essay. A writer might do a great service helping him structure his ideas.

But there are a lot more rights that need to be respected by school, teachers and fellow students. There should not be any discrimination based on skin color, religion or learning differences. School should be a safe and secure environment that fosters the development of students’ skills.

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