How to Protect Your Special Needs Child in the Education System


Having a child with special needs can be very challenging, particularly for parents whose children are attending school. Some educators and facilities may not be equipped to handle the needs of your child, which can be detrimental for all involved.

That’s why parents with special needs children must be fully aware of their rights in the education system. This can be crucial in cases where a child is being neglected or abused within the school system, as well as those courses which fail to meet reasonable expectations.

Create a Comprehensive IEP

IEPs, or Individualized Education Programs, are legal documents which clearly stipulate the goals of a special education program. IEPs must detail a child’s disability, in addition to listing all information related to educational pursuits. IEPs can be comprised of current progress, transportation needs, medical information, and any other accommodations a child may require.

Parents must take a proactive approach when it comes to their child’s IEP. This includes clearly defining their position within all IEP documentation, as well as requesting a meeting if they feel something is amiss. A well-conceived IEP can keep instructors on the right track, while also providing explicit instructions as to a child’s educational needs.

Regularly Review Educational Records

Even the best IEP can be subject to change, due to either staffing replacements or other uncontrollable factors. This can result in a less-than-satisfactory educational environment for a child, which can have far-reaching consequences.

Keeping updated on child’s educational record can help parents identify any areas in need of improvement. Schools must make these record accessible to all parents to ensure they are satisfied the level of education their child is receiving. Parents can also seek the assistance of specialists if they feel their child’s needs aren’t being met.

Have a Complete Understanding of Your Rights

When it comes to education, the rights of special needs children are quite expansive. As a result, parents must be diligent about retaining a complete understanding of these rights. This can prevent a great deal of confusion when dealing with an educational facility about a child’s care.

There are many resources available that can help parents stay in tune with current laws and regulations. Some instances may call for the assistance of legal counsel, especially when faced with particularly egregious errors. When seeking such representation, it’s best to choose a law firm with experience in special education of cases.

Protect What Matters Most

Everyone deserves a great education. Fortunately, there are numerous laws in place to ensure that all children experience the level of education they deserve, no matter what their needs may entail.

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