Pros and Cons of Raising Kids in a Small Town


It’s no doubt that every parent wants to give their kids the best, including raising them in a safe environment. So, parents have to decide whether to raise their kids in a fast-pace big city or a slow-pace small town. If you opt for the latter, consider its pros and cons.

Thankfully, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of raising a child in a small town. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on whether to move with your kids to a small city or not. So, keep reading to learn more.

4 Pros of Raising Kids in a Small Town

Raising kids in a small town comes with numerous benefits, including safety, low traffic, simplicity, and community feel. Now, let’s dive deeper into these four advantages.


  • Safe for Kids


As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your kids are safe. Thankfully, small towns tend to be safer than big cities due to low crime rates. They are safe to the extent that some homeowners don’t lock their doors when leaving their houses.

In some small towns, car owners can leave their car doors unlocked without worrying about car thefts. Be sure that your kids will be safe in such an environment. To find the safest neighbourhoods in your favourite small town, visit


  • Low Traffic


Heavy traffic is a common problem in big cities like Toronto. When commuting from one point to another, you must add extra time for travel due to delays. Besides, living in big cities with busy roads and heavy traffic can be dangerous for your kids.

When you live in a small town, you won’t experience delays since there’s no heavy traffic. You can move from one part of the town to another point within a few minutes. Besides, the low traffic makes small towns safer for kids compared to big cities.


  • Strong Sense of Community


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most people who live in big cities mind about their businesses. If you are in dire need, it cannot be easy to find someone ready to help you. However, that’s completely different from what is happening in small towns.

Everyone living in a small town cares about one another. You’ll get enough communal support when you move to a smaller town. Your neighbour can help you when you are in need. Also, if the neighbours see your kid walking alone, they can report it to you.


  • Simplicity


Big cities boast a limitless number of fun activities and attractions. However, it turns out that the tranquillity and simplicity of life in small towns make them family-friendly. Life becomes simpler when you have less, and that what happens in the small cities.

We all know that small towns have fewer parks, museums, restaurants, and activities. However, that’s their best selling point. Organizing trips and outings are less complicated in smaller towns than in bigger cities. Besides, you’ll find it easy to make decisions.

4 Cons of Raising Kids in a Small Town 

Like other things, small towns also have a few drawbacks. Here are some of them.


  • Lack of Cultural Diversity


Big cities, like Toronto, are usually the most culturally diverse places to live. The city has over 200 languages spoken, making it multicultural. However, small towns are not as diverse as big cities. The residents must have been living there for generations.

Ideally, your kids need to interact with people from different backgrounds to get more exposure. The bad news is that small towns deny them that chance. You wouldn’t want your kids to grow up with a few friends from one or two backgrounds.


  • Missing the Interesting City Life


Although raising your kids in small towns comes with practical benefits, it’s no doubt that they will miss the exciting city life. Your family might have escaped the hustle and bustle of big cities, but you’ll never see skyscrapers illuminating the skyline at night.

Some of the things you might also miss are the city’s incredible architecture, multiple dining options, well-connected transportation systems, and many entertainment options. Unfortunately, your kids will again miss the famous kids’ play parks.


  • Fewer Opportunities for Kids


Big cities usually present several opportunities that you won’t find in small towns. When the kids grow old and become curious to explore their surroundings, the options will be limited. They will not experience the bustling life of big cities.

The most prominent attractions and big events are usually in big cities, including art galleries, museums, and live concerts. Unfortunately, your kids may not get the chance to explore such opportunities. Also, some sporting activities are not available in towns.


  • Less Complexity


While the simplicity of life in small towns is ideal for kids, they also need to experience big cities’ complexities. Otherwise, they will miss learning many things, such as world-class arts and navigation of public transportation.

Besides, your kids may find it challenging to understand the economic disparity between big cities and small towns. They may also have fewer cultural experiences. It’s always ideal to expose your child to the big cities’ life if you live in a small town.

Final Words

Now that you know the pros and cons of raising kids in a small town, you can quickly make informed decisions on whether to move to a small city or not. Generally, choosing between a small town and a bigger city comes with a few trade-offs to consider.

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