Print vs. Electronic Books: The Great Debate



The growing popularity of electronic books has given even more fuel to the debate of electronic vs. print books. Some readers love the new technology while others have an undying loyalty to traditional books. Here are some of the reasons why some readers go with the electronic version of books while others stick to traditional page turners.

Electronic Readers

Many individuals who read books with an electronic reader do so because they love the convenience. They can take their book to airports, on vacation and to the office without having to carry a weighty traditional book. A slim, electronic reader is easy to put into a purse or bag while a person is on the go.

People also enjoy using electronic readers because they like reading words by the soft light of a screen. They never have to look for the right reading lamp to read by!

Traditional Book Lovers

Ask a person who only reads traditional style books why he or she reads them and you’ll get many answers. The person may say he or she likes the sound of the pages turning. Or, an individual may say that he or she likes the feel of a book’s hardcover. A person who loves traditional books wants to enjoy the feel of the book as well as its story.

Finally, people who choose tr


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