Preparing For Parenthood 6 Ways to Get Ready For Your New Baby’s Arrival


Becoming a parent for the first time is daunting.

There is a lot to think about in the months leading up to your wee one’s arrival.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the product options, blogs, and books claiming.  From prams to poopy nappies, a lot of the learning will happen on the job after the baby is born. With that said, there are certainly ways you can prepare yourself for the big arrival.

As a mother of a toddler with another bundle due in a couple of months, I have put a lot of thought into advice I wish I had before becoming a mother.  Read on for 6 ways to get ready to welcome your baby into the world.

1) Gear

If your head is spinning trying to pick out a pram and the seemingly endless accessories that go with it, you are not alone.  Don’t feel your only choice is heading to your nearest overwhelming baby store only to be upsold the latest and most expensive brand.

There a lot of online brands that offer high-quality, affordable and stylish baby gear.  My favorite is Baby Monsters, an Australian brand offering really practical and stylish baby swag.

2) Nursery

Getting your dream nursery together is a rite of passage into parenting.

While your efforts may go into painting perfect pink bows or blue airplanes, don’t forget to address the practical side of a nursery.  Ask friends and other mums what they use most in the nursery, what are the must haves, what ends up getting in the way.  

Remember your newborn is not going to have an opinion about what their room looks like.  But you will surely be impacted if there is a messy nappy disaster and you put the wipes on the other side of the room.  

3) Advice

Mums of all ages love giving advice to those still sporting the baby bump.

From your old Auntie Marge to a stranger on the street, be prepared for unsolicited advice.  This outpouring of support and guidance is a blessing and a curse.  Prepare for parenthood by taking all the advice with a grain of salt, and not taking any of it to heart.  Your little one will be different and unique, and you can piece together all that wild advice into the perfect fit as you get to know your baby.

4) Don’t forget you

You hear it all the time “get sleep now”.  But seriously, get sleep now and take really good care of yourself during pregnancy!  The last thing you want is to head into labor and delivery exhausted.  By the time your due date arrives, you want to be well-rested, refreshed, and ready to take on some of the most mentally and physically exhausting moments of your life.  So seriously, tuck in and enjoy that bed of yours.

5) Schedule dates

In the first few months of having a baby sometimes it can be hard to put any effort or energy into your marriage or partnership.  All focus is on the baby, which will fill you both with new amounts of joy you can’t even imagine.  But I always tell my friends about to have a baby that they should schedule fun dates with their partner during pregnancy.  Go to the movies.  Make a reservation at that fancy restaurant you have been dying to try.  Take a mini holiday just the two of you.  

6) Make food plans

Preparing healthy meals with a newborn is no easy task.

There are a couple ways to prepare to ensure you are eating a lot and eating well.  One is to prepare and freeze food ahead of time.  Casseroles, sauces and other meals that freeze well will be a welcome sight at the end of a long day with a newborn.

The second way is to ask a friend to organize a dinner delivery schedule.

Friends and family always want to know how to help, and bringing dinner is the perfect gift.  Don’t say no when people are trying to help!

Rarely do you meet a mum-to-be that feels totally prepared to enter the wild ride of motherhood.  While there is no perfect way to prepare for the big day, there are certainly ways to organize and be as ready as you can be.  Hopefully, the six tips above are a good start and ease the stress of where to start.  The biggest advice of all, enjoy the ride.  From the first contraction to the day you bring your wee one home, savor each moment.

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