Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet: How to Trim down Prior to Surgery


Gastric bypass isn’t a weight loss cure for everyone, but the pre bariatric surgery diet is a jumpstart. Find out how to trim down before bariatric surgery.

If you’re having bariatric surgery your doctor may have spoken to you about making some helpful lifestyle changes before your procedure.

Some pre bariatric surgery diet changes are vital to the success of your surgery.

You need to incorporate clean eating and make healthy changes to help make your surgery more successful. These changes will also increase your chances of keeping the weight off after surgery.

This handy guide will go over everything you need to know about making healthy lifestyle changes and how diet can help you get the best results possible from your surgery.

Why You Need a Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet

Your diet will be similar before and after you have surgery so any healthy changes you can make now will help in your recovery and post-surgery success.  

A healthy meal delivery service can help bring good meals to your doorstep both before and after surgery. 

A pre gastric bypass diet is needed to reduce fat around your liver, especially in your abdomen. This is a key to safety during your surgery. If your liver is too large, a doctor may actually delay surgery in order to make the procedure safer.

Being heavier also puts a lot of pressure on your heart, arteries, and muscles.  If you can remove some fat before surgery, your body will have a lot easier time coping with the stresses of surgery.

Tips For a Healthy Diet Before Bariatric Surgery

You should also try and make changes that you can stick to after surgery. Let’s say your pantry is filled with processed items and junk food. You won’t be able to keep your weight off if you’re being tempted every time you open the pantry door.

Look for good smoothie recipes and a nice protein supplement to add. You should also try and decrease your fat intake from fatty meats and dairy products. Sugary foods and carbs such as sweets, soda, alcohol, and white bread should all be consumed in moderation.

A pre gastric bypass diet should include higher concentrations of fiber and protein. Increase your vegetable intake as soon as you can. Fiber will greatly help your heart and your arteries will thank you.

For a fun way to incorporate some healthy eating habits, try to take a cooking class, or look for plant-based recipes you can try at home.

Try meal prepping one day and prepare a variety of vegetables in several different ways. You’ll be surprised by how many delicious and filling meals you can make with some great veggies.

Have fun with cooking and you’ll be way more likely to stick it instead of going through the drive-thru.

Other Pre-Weight Loss Surgery Diet and Health Recommendations

In addition to losing weight and moving towards a pre bariatric surgery diet, there are a few other important lifestyle changes you should make before you have surgery.

If you’re a smoker, you should quit. You already know all the terrible things smoking does to your body. Try and limit your alcohol intake as well. A glass of red wine on the weekends isn’t an issue but binge drinking is.

Most importantly, remember that everything you can do before surgery will greatly help you post-surgery. Think of everything you’re doing as a lifestyle change instead of just a diet.

If you need some great recipe ideas and inspiration for before and after surgery, check out the recipe section for some delicious and healthy options.

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Keshav Jindal
3 years ago

Very Helpful article.
Thank you so much for sharing this article

3 years ago

Perfect and healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

perfect healthy

emily bennette
3 years ago

My uncle has been thinking about getting a gastric bypass this July. Thanks for explaining that it would be smart for him to eat the clean living. Also, it does seem like a good thing to get a professional to help him know how to handle eating before and after the surgery.

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