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The Piper Toolbox has taken Minecraft to a whole new level, with an experience like no other. Not only does it teach you, or your child electronics but it allows you to interact with the game by building physical gadgets and electronics to help a robot navigate through the game, and you get one for yourself on Kickstarter. I feel like Minecraft players will appreciate the idea of this toolbox. Not only will you build it, but you’re learning a new skill as well. It gives a more interactive feel to the Piper Toolbox itself, making it seem like something you created in a unique way. The all out customization to this fun little gadget is more then enough when it comes to getting your money out of a product.



What’s Piper?

“It’s a toolbox with a Minecraft adventure world that lets you build real electronics. 

It’s simple, fun and for everyone. And we need your support to make it happen. We made this just for you”



Your child will learn different levels of electronics by playing Minecraft through the Piper. Such as building switches, to opening up secret doors, to building a LED flashlight to help you venture through the world of Minecraft at night. If you are looking for something to make games more interactive for your child The Piper Toolbox  is perfect. You’ll notice you child tapping into their artistic side while developing electronic skills.



What Can I Do With It?

“Play an an awesome series of adventure maps in Minecraft

Build a controller to navigate your robot in the game

Assemble your own electronics to power-up mission control on the Raspberry Pi 2

Add switches to uncover secret doors and bridges

Make an LED light proximity sensor for finding diamonds

Use a buzzer piano to enter secret codes and find hidden rewards

Add motion detectors when traversing underwater levels

Switch on an LED flashlight to see at night

Build and customize your own beautifully engraved box

Decorate your Raspberry Pi 2 with a beautiful laser-etched acrylic case

Create your own custom levels and modifications to share with your friends

Pretty much anything else as Piper is end-to-end Open Source!”

The Piper Toolbox easily takes Minecraft to the next level, and I have no doubt that this will be a loved gadget for Minecraft gamers.  Since Minecraft is such a creative game the Piper Toolbox seems like the best way to give it a larger boundary, and learning experience for the creativity of the game itself. To learn more about Piper Toolbox visit their Kickstarter page for more information on both Piper Toolbox and how you can donate to help them reach their funding goals. 


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