Pearl Bath Bombs will make a wonderful Mother’s Day Present


pearl bath beads

Pearl Bath Bombs are great.  Not only do they add some fun to the bath, but they also have a surprise in them. 

My daughter, Sarah, who is almost 19, loves Pearl Bath Bombs.  She uses them once a week.  She said the smell is so great.  And, the prize (up to a $5,000 ring) is always so pretty.  She loves the way it makes her feel, after her bath, as well.  I haven’t tried them yet, because my daughter keeps stealing from my stash.  But, I understand, and let her.

pearl bath bombs

You can get a wonderful Mother’s Day Package right now, and get 3 Pearl Bath Bombs for $35.99.  This is an excellent price.  Especially, knowing your ring could be worth $5,000.  This is perfect, one for you, your mom and don’t forget your mother in law. 


The scents are super too.  My mother in law would love the Spring Tulips (which is currently sold out), and my mom would love Morning Rose.  Myself, I’m into Lavender. 

Individually Pearl Bath Bombs sell for $14.94.  You can see a sample, above, of how beautiful the jewelry is.  The Pearl Bath Bombs are also a HUGE size.  Not small, like other companies.  And, they are so fun in the tub.

It’s so cool the way they work things.  1 in 100, wins a $100 ring.  1 in 1000 wins a $1,000 ring.  And, 1 in 5000 wins a $5,000 ring.  The rings are all beautiful.  Take a look at Pearl Bath Bombs’ site, here, to learn more.

Here’s a little about Pearl Bath Bombs:  Pearl Bath Bombs was inspired by a beautiful proposal.

One night, our founder was pleasantly surprised by her beau who brought her a bath bomb to help her relax for the evening.

When she placed the bubbly bath bomb in the tub, she hadn’t the faintest idea that he’d handmade it, and more importantly – that there was a ring inside! When she discovered this sparkling surprise, he proposed.       

Read more about them, here.

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  Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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