Online Education: Best Practices and Accessible Resources


Today, online education is exploding as more and more individuals are becoming interested in earning degrees remotely. While the convenience and accessibility of earning an online degree can’t be understated, the process can pose some unique challenges. 

Anyone engaging in online education, along with those potentially interested in pursuing an online education, can benefit from knowing some key tips for success. 

Here are the best practices and accessible resources for those engaging in online learning. 

Time Management

While there is a vast array of benefits to online learning, there are some drawbacks as well. One of the key distinctions between in-person classes and online classes is a lack of strict structures in online settings. 

Though for some overachievers who love working at their own pace this may be a plus, many students struggle with responsible time management. This being the case, it’s vital for online students to take charge of their time and engage in some key time-management practices. 

One potent yet simple practice is writing out a schedule. Though it may seem obvious and unnecessary, having time put aside for studying and working on assignments can make a huge difference for online students. 

Another key facet of time management is the practice of knowing which things to schedule first. Given that larger or more difficult assignments can be more strenuous and draining, it can help schedule these first and leave the easier tasks for later. However online students go about it, it’s important to use time effectively if one plans on succeeding in online education. 

Internet Safety

Unfortunately, when it comes to online education, many people disregard the importance of internet safety for students. This lack of prioritization can leave both online students and their devices at risk of being the victim of a cyberattack. 

A common practice among online students is studying in public places like coffee shops and libraries. While this can help make studying more fun and accessible, it can also leave one vulnerable to cyberthreats. 

When using public WiFi, one makes it substantially easier for cybercriminals to hack into one’s device. Thankfully, there are ways for online students to bolster their security and safeguard themselves from these types of cyberattacks. 

A virtual private network — commonly referred to as a VPN — is an amazing tool to utilize when getting an online education. This tool allows individuals to bolster their cybersecurity measures and use public WiFi networks with greater protection. As such, any online student can greatly benefit their safety by engaging in some key internet safety tips such as using a VPN.  

Online Math Tools and Resources

For anyone taking a math class online, it’s natural to sometimes feel lost and overwhelmed. In-person classroom settings can sometimes feel more conducive for following along and retaining key mathematical concepts. 

Thankfully, there is a plethora of online math tools and resources for online students to take advantage of. These tools can range from videos breaking down key concepts to interactive tools that help students retain certain ideas. 

Any student who is taking a math class or engaging in an online program centered around math can greatly benefit from capitalizing on the accessibility of these tools. What’s even more exciting is the fact that many of these resources are free, making them a no-brainer for any online student in need of a little extra support. 

Make Connections with Other Students

In in-person classes, it’s easy to strike up conversations with classmates and craft meaningful relationships with one’s peers. For online students, however, it can be a little more difficult. 

Thankfully, there are ways that online students can ensure that they’re making connections with their peers and feel a sense of community. Making it a point to reach out to others to form virtual study groups can be a great place to start. 

During online classes, it can be difficult and disruptive for students to converse with each other. In online study groups, however, conversations can naturally take shape and blossom into friendships. 

To ensure that one doesn’t feel a sense of isolation from one’s peers, it’s important for online students to take the initiative and engage in virtual study groups. The more of these that one is able to take part in, the more opportunities one will have to make connections with other students and feel a sense of community. 

Reach Out to Instructors

Sometimes, it can be difficult to ask questions and pick the brain of instructors during online class sessions. Unfortunately, failing to notify instructors when one is lost can cause online students to fall behind in their courses. 

An important practice for any student to engage in is consistently reaching out to teachers. To start, there are a few key things that students have to determine. 

Depending on the program and specific teacher, there may be differences in how one reaches out to instructors. Some teachers may prefer emails while others may prefer their institution’s online messaging platform. For any online student, determining how to best communicate with instructors outside of class is key. 

Once online students know how to reach out, it’s important to be quick and frank with any questions or concerns that one has. The more stringent online students are about reaching out to instructors, the greater their chance of success in online education will be. 

Everyone Is Capable of Online Education

Though there are some key differences between online education and traditional educational programs, everyone is capable of thriving in an online educational setting. By taking advantage of some important resources and practices, engaging in online education can offer one a path to success and fulfillment.

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