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Summer is right around the corner and games are limited. We all know too well the game of catch with soaker balls, 15 minutes of that and everyone is ready to leave the beach! Have no fear, the Ogo Beacher Activity Mat is here! 

This activity mat is made of a sturdy water resistant non-slip material, which makes it great for a picnic, taking a nap, or sitting on sand or grass. 
The Ogo Beacher comes with a tote bag that allows for easy storage and travel of the activity mat and game pieces. There are  3 different game suggestions, my favorite being Sand Ski Ball! The games can help improve memory, coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. 
With a simple design, the mat allows for creation of new games. No day at the beach will be complete without the Ogo Beacher Activity Mat. 

Ever thrown a frisbee 175 feet? No? Time to get rid of that old fashioned toy and get yourself the Aero Zipp Disk by OgoSport. Equipped with a Zipp Disk Launcher you can catapult the disk over 175 feet! It is light weight and easy to use. The disk is made with soft flexible plastic that whistles as it glides. 
Three, yes three fun games can be played using the Aero Zipp Disk and launcher. Compete others by throwing the distance. Who can launch their disk the furthest? Gather your family and friends for a game of ring toss. There are no limits on the number of players. 
Safely distanced apart the disk is thrown from one player to another, catching with their arm or launcher. The player who catches the most disks after 10 attempts wins! Now for a crazy round of golf. After selecting a large safe target, such as a picnic table or street lamp, players take turns throwing their disk until the target is hit. The player with the least amount of throws wins! 
Not only can children enjoy these games adults can too. So call your family, friends, and neighbors for a fun game using the Aero Zipp Disk.
Talk about bringing me back to my childhood. One game I really enjoyed playing as a child was baseball. But, ouch!!! 

The aluminum bats can definitely hurt sometimes, and those heavy wooden bats are out of the question for young children. Wouldn’t you love a light weight bat that a child as young as 6 years old can use? Well check out the Batapult by OgoSport. This powerful bat can send a ball soaring up to 200 feet! 
The hinged bat allows the same amount of force as traditional bats with less effort. 
With the frustration of heavy bats out of the way, your children can enjoy the fun of playing ball. 


This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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