NJ Diet Review: Process, Benefits, & Cost


For individuals wanting to lose weight, a new dieting genre dominates the diet industry. The NJ diet is the latest program available for anyone with considerable weight loss goals. This weight loss approach shows significant results, offers simple meal plans, and brings customized options to every body type.

What is the NJ Diet?

The NJ diet plan uses nutrigenomics and DNA-based diets to offer a medically supervised program that tackles considerable weight loss. The program is medically supervised and customizes every aspect of your weight loss plan according to an individual’s genetic makeup. The NJ Diet uses the scientific study of nutrigenomics and complete genetic testing to determine an ideal strategy for individual patients instead of promoting one plan for all patients. After the initial testing, doctors will break down the diet into specific components, with the health profile as a guide. All participants work closely with their medical team for forty days to complete the four-step program.

What are the Benefits of the NJ Diet?

Unlike other diet plans, the NJ diet breaks down your weight loss into a personalized system. You’ll undergo extensive testing to determine how your body works at a cellular level. Medical professionals can take these results and formulate a custom meal plan that matches your daily requirements.

A medically supervised diet plan also helps improve weight loss without sacrificing safety. Your doctor will meet with you regularly to ensure your body loses weight efficiently while following the program. By focusing on improving health and wellness, your body can heal properly and enhance nutrient absorption. Many previous participants indicated having more energy, feeling satisfied (despite eating less food), and losing stubborn weight effortlessly while on the NJ diet.

How Much Does the NJ Diet Cost?

The initial consultation is on sale for $27 (the regular price is available online for $99) through the NJ Diet website. The initial consultation is available in person or online through their virtual consultation. These consultations will include discussing all required genetic tests with a medical professional. As the NJ Diet program focuses on restoring gut health and balance, there is a heavy reliance on supplements throughout the 40 days. One NJ Diet review suggests the additional cost is approximately $600 for the 40 days of supplements, although most recommend a budget between $600-1500 to cover the expenses. It’s impossible to guarantee an exact cost as everyone requires different nutritional needs.

Understanding the NJ Diet Process

Everyone joining the NJ diet will have a consultation with a medical professional, including individual health assessments. The tests include hair, saliva, blood, and biogenetic analysis. All evaluations will review approximately 3,500 biomarkers. The initial consultation will also examine the patient’s water weight, BMI, and biometric reference points.

Your health profile will include details about your body on a genetic level. Doctors will carefully review the absorption levels, deficiencies, toxins, metals, viruses, or other critical issues with your gut health. These findings are the basis for your weight loss plan, as medical teams will analyze and develop a personalized profile for your specific genetics.

Working Through the Diet Plan

After your medical professional creates the custom plan to help heal your body and improve gut functioning, you’ll receive the tailored design. Where other traditional diets will focus on calorie counting and fasting, the NJ diet focuses on enhancing the body’s overall health. All participants will receive a custom meal plan during the 40-day program. Additionally, individuals are given custom supplements to take while following the program. Supplements are medical-grade, naturally sourced, and contain all required vitamins and minerals. These supplements help ensure optimal health and well-being for all participants and actively prevent any deficiencies from developing in the program.

Participants are required to follow the NJ diet plan for 40 days. Throughout this time, all participants will meet with their medical doctor every ten to fifteen days. If patients have any questions or concerns in between appointments, they can contact their medical team directly through phone or email.

Support After the Program

After finishing the 40-day program, individuals meet with their doctor for a discharge discussion. Your team will break down all details of the plan, including your genetic makeup, caloric requirements to maintain weight loss, and how to approach your health moving forward. Your doctor will recommend foods to avoid (according to your genetic profile) and how nutrients may influence your health.


By focusing on the individual, nutrigenomics studies the influence genetics and nutrition play on weight loss. The NJ diet offers a medically supervised program for anyone struggling to lose weight without sacrificing the patient’s health. Specific meal plans, supplements, and exercise all work together to optimize your success, while the ongoing support after the program finishes ensures you won’t regain the weight. The NJ diet helps bridge the gap between weight loss planning, medical intervention, and nutrigenomics.

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