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Nabi has been a big brand in our household for a year now.  Jacob, age 4, got the Nabi last year for Christmas.  But, now, with the Big Tab, Jacob is so excited.  The Big Tab is big enough for the entire family to play.  You can sit around it, on a coffee table, or the floor, and play together.  This is great for family time.  Even my 18 year old, daughter, enjoys playing with Jacob on the Big Tab.  


There are 2 sizes, the 20 inch, and the 24 inch.  These are both great.  The bigger, the better though, right?  We have the 24 inch Big Tab.  Jacob loves it so much.  We’ve had it for about 3 weeks, and he still plays with it all the time.  He only uses the Big Tab now. 

We can play together, as a family now.  Nabi has made that easy.  I love Big Tab, as well.  There’s Nabi Mode, Parent Mode, and Full Android with Google Play.

I don’t know what we did before Nabi Big Tab.  This makes family night so much more fun.


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Toys “R” Us Stores and a majority of the Best Buy stores in the U.S. now feature special stations where shoppers can personally engage with the nabi Big Tab HD 20″ and 24″. The Big Tab line is chock full of curated content that is meant to engage family members through five key experiences that are exclusive to the Big Tab HD line, including Two Play (classic two players games Checkers), Game Room (multi-player games designed for the family to play together), Story Time (interactive e-books that redefine bedtime), Show Time (collection of kid-safe, parent approved apps and videos) and Big Canvas (DreamPro Studio, a powerful suite of drawing, animation and video editing apps). By collaborating with these major retailers, Fuhu is able to educate consumers on the Big Tab HD line and allow them to experience first-hand the category-defining product that is designed to bring families together by dynamically changing the isolated tablet experience into a shared one.


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