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Working at a desk all day, even a desk in the comfort of your own home, can cause all sorts of physical strain. There are some good ways to organize your desk to make it the most comfortable you can. Take the time to make sure your work environment is comfortable – your body will thank you later.

You want to make sure your computer is positioned in the most comfortable manner possible. Your monitor should be at eye level. If you can’t adjust the height of your chair or desk to get it at eye level, you can use monitor mounts to position the monitor exactly where it is supposed to be.

Speaking of chairs, if you get an opportunity to upgrade your desk chair, do it, especially if you’ve been experiencing neck and back pain. Eight hours of sitting in a chair that forces you into poor posture will leave you uncomfortable long after you’ve left the chair itself. Look for a chair that gives you the back support you need to sit up straight.

Eye strain is a major concern for those who work in front of computers all day. Make sure you have plenty of light around you, not just the light radiating from the screen itself. If you can’t change the overhead lighting or improve the natural light, sometimes even a simple desk lamp will make a difference in how hard your eyes must work to see the screen.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make your work space more comfortable. There are also ergonomic keyboards, frequent stretch breaks, and more. Making your desk area more efficient can improve your morale, your work, and the way you feel physically.

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