Midi Dresses: Why is it Called the Dress that Fits all Figures


Wouldn’t we all love a dress that we could wear at any time of the year, thereby making fashion decisions easier, while also being good value for money? Such a style of dress does exist and it is the midi dress. 

A midi is a dress whose hem falls either midway or somewhere between the knee and the ankle. It is stylish and suits a range of figures. It is versatile as it can be styled in various ways to suit the weather or the occasion. Midi dresses can be donned to great effect by anyone short or tall, slender or curvaceous, petite or plus-sized. 

As a general rule, the hem of the dress should not fall exactly at the widest part of the calf, which might make it unflattering, but rather at a point where the calf tapers. That would be a few inches below the knee or above the ankle. 

Midis are available in a variety of fabrics, prints, sleeve lengths, and necklines, so that you may choose the best fit for you.  

A dress for every body type  

It is a common misconception that you cannot wear a midi if you are a short person. You certainly can, with the right styling so that it looks stylish and does not accentuate your height. These styling tips also apply to women with a curvy or plus-size frame.  

– Ensuring that the dress ends slightly above or below the mid-calf point will make it look flattering. 

– Pairing the dress with slim and strappy high heels will add to the style and oomph factor. The fabric should be light and should not add bulk to your figure, which would make it overwhelming.  

– Airy and flowing fabric is preferable to stiff and heavy fabric. A few inches of lacy or see-through hem will prevent the legs from appearing abruptly cut-off, which would be awkward.  

– Giving the dress some definition with a belt will prevent a stocky and short look and can also flatter curves. 

– The pattern should be small and delicate so as not to overwhelm. Small polka dots as opposed to color block prints would be a good example.  

– A slit or asymmetrical hem will add some leg to the look, creating the illusion of an elongated leg and a slimming effect. 

– For a curvy figure, a V-shaped deep neckline can accentuate the bust and make the dress suit the curves rather than work against them.  

A dress for every occasion

– Springtime midi dresses for a casual outing can be of light and flowing fabric and paired with a light cardigan or jacket. 

– For fall or early winter weather, accessorizing your midi with tight and tall matching boots with a slim heel can be both stylish and utilitarian.  

– Summer midis are typically light and soft with strappy or off-the-shoulder sleeves to keep you comfortable in the warm weather. The most suitable prints for spring and summer would be paisley or floral, plain pastel shades, or small polka dots, on soft and flowing fabric. Pleats also add style and are back in fashion.  

– For a formal event, choose a midi of a darker color or the universal black. A form-fitting bodice with a high neck and cap sleeves creates a fancy formal look, and so does sheer fabric below the hip line. If you prefer a more flamboyant look, choose a metallic color or a dress with lustrous embellishments like sequins.  

The midi is a universal dress and can be flattering to any figure when styled appropriately. With the help of these guidelines, you can now choose the best midi dresses to suit your needs, taste and body type. Go online now to purchase your new outfit for your next outing.

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