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MeFoto is an excellent tripod company.  You can get all these different styles.  We ordered 4th of July.  That’s my Mother In Law’s birthday, so I figured what better gift to her.  It’s actually going to be used by my Father In Law, but with the inspiration of my Mother In Law.  This way we will always remember July 4th as her birthday.  She loves the tripod, and my Father In Law took some amazing pictures of fireworks last night, using the tripod.


My Father In Law can’t wait to get Jacob, my 4 year old, to pose for some pictures for him, so he can try to use the tripod again.  He said it’s so great that he now has steady hands.  No more messing up the shot.  It’s perfect every time.  Our fireworks photos couldn’t be better.  My Father In Law did an excellent job, that’s for sure.  And, it’s all thanks to MeFoto for giving him the steady hand he needed. 

We even did a family portrait under the fireworks, with the timer on the camera.  He absolutely loved the idea, and went with it.  What an amazing picture for next year’s invitations to our annual cookout.

Now, you can build yours from scratch.  But we chose to use a tripod that was already made.  It’s a great thing to have, a tripod.  Don’t have to worry about steady hands that way. 

You can build your tripod, 12 different colors, 6 different components.  It’s so cool.

The Price is great, and you get free shipping.  So, something you design, and free shipping?  wow, can you believe it?

Start with our twelve colors and go to town creating a MeFOTO Roadtrip tripod that’s as colorful as you are.

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